Daughter of the Bear (Blog Three) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum

Daughter of the Bear (Blog Three) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum,  References at bottom of page

I have seen the tortured sculpture at Dachau, Germany and the black and white reel of a bulldozer pushing what first appear to be emaciated mannequins into a giant pit only to realize they were human bodies.  But there were two Germanys during WW2.  One that fought for the Motherland and one that fought to create slavery and annihilation.  Through her church or some other source my mother met a man who was an officer on a U-boat during WW2.  She asked me to meet him.  This was a man aged and dying of cancer, who had no reason to make up stories.  He said two things to me that have caused me to re-evaluate my feelings and thoughts towards WW2 and life.  “There was no death camps,” he told me.  And, “Why didn’t England join us?”  Just as Rommel was fighting in Africa, this gentleman was fighting far out to see in a U-boat far from the knowledge of death camps

The last phone called he needed to make was to INTERPOL.  He heard five rings and a pause.  INTERPOL has its own anti-hacking methods.  His call will be thoroughly analysed for any hackers before someone answers.  Two minutes pass before he gets a reply.

“Oui,” a man’s voice says.

In French he asks, “Little Bear Night Witch is?”

There is a long pause before the man replies in French, “Nowhere.”

Still in French he asks, “Rogue?”

“Frodo’s or Harry Potter’s cloak,” The voice replies in English.  The line goes dead.

He realizes Marina let INTERPOL know she will be going beyond contact.  That she’s wearing an invisible cloak could have three different meanings.  She is hiding.  She is in disguise and hiding.  Or most likely she’s in disguise and hunting.  As the granddaughter of a Night Witch and great niece to a sharpshooter she knows how to hunt by air or ground.

As he unclips the interior lining of his main luggage bag he recalls when he was eight and his mother took him on a flight from Russia to see his Babushka and Großvater in Lahr, Germany.  His mother and father had already been divorced for four years by then.

Babushka refused to be called Oma, even though Mother Russia abandoned her until after the war.  There was no doubt that in the household of his grandparents Babushka was the voice.    His Großvater, whose health was failing had put on the kettle to make Pfefferminztee (peppermint tea) for Babushka and Erwin and brewed Mount Hagen coffee for himself and mother.

While Großvater was making tea and coffee Babushka used a cane to get into the dining room.  His mother helped her into a rocking chair and to get her feet on a padded stool.  From a signal from his mother he brought over two high back chairs.

“Your Großvater is a rare breed of men,“ Babushka told him in Russian with a smile and a sparkle in her one good eye.  “Has your mama told you how we met?“

He remembers shaking his head.

“Do you know about the Night Witches?“

“Some,“ he had admitted.

“In WW2, Colonel Marina Raskova was given permission to create all-female air squads.”  His Babushka put out her thin veiny hands to him.  He stood up so he was in front of her and took her hands.  They felt cold yet strong.  “I was in one of those squads.  That’s where I became great friends with your mother’s dearest friend’s mother.  Together we helped scare the Nazis out of Russia and back to Germany.”

“But how did you end up here?” he had asked.

“The plane I was in crashed in German occupied Belarus.  We ended up in a field not far from a road.  I was the pilot and stuck in the cockpit.  My left eye,” she points at the eye that can no longer see, “was staring down at my legs, which was strange since my right eye was looking through the shattered windscreen.  I told the navigator to run.  Both my legs were broken.

“Sometime later a Tourenwagen with a platoon of troops in trucks arrived.  I was fading in and out of consciousness.  I tried to grab the revolver I kept on my left side but I couldn’t reach it.  I saw a tall and very handsome enemy officer stare in at me.”  Her good eye wandered in the direction of his Großvater.  “Engel,“ he gasped, “Engel!“  He said other things in German but I couldn’t understand him.  Diligently he took my left eye and squeezed it back into its socket.  I must have gone unconscious.

“When I awoke I was in a bed.  Not in a hospital but what I thought must be an apartment or house.  For the rest of the war a Jewish family your Großvater hid in his family cottage in Lahr Germany brought me back to health.  When I could walk around on my own my left eye could see but not as clearly as my right.  To my shock your Großvater came back and soon after asked me to marry him.

“It’s very important Erwin, very, very important you understand that WWII was two wars.  Hitler and Himmler’s war—the Nazi war, and Rommel’s war—the majority of Germany’s war.  If a Nazi commander had found me I would have been tortured for information then killed.“

After his Großvater poured the tea and coffee Erwin saw him hobble into a back room with bookshelves full of books.  His Großvater returned with two books.  He handed Erwin the first book called On Hitler’s Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood by Irmgard A. Hunt.  “Don’t ever let yourself be indoctrinated Erwin,“ his Großvater told him in his thick German accent.  The second book he gave him was Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally.  “Follow what you believe is correct from deepest inside.

That was the same week they went to visit a former U-boat captain in a nursing home.  They only told him his first name, Manfred.  Manfred was dying of cancer.  Sad eyed and gray skinned Manfred had turned to his grandfather and asked, “Is that you Plagge, Helmet Plagge, and and you Yevy?  Who is with you?,“ he asked with urgency.

“Our grandson Erwin Mikhail,“ he remembered his Babushka saying proudly.

“Come here Erwin,“ Manfred had said his eyes brimming with tears.  “There were no death camps.  It’s all lies.  And why didn’t the English join us?“  Even at the age of eight Erwin understood this man had nothing to lose.  No reason to lie.  As the years went by Manfred’s words affected him much more than whatever he learned from the two books his Großvater had given him.   World War Two was two wars: Hitler’s and Rommel’s.  Hitler’s was despondent and insane with no rules but attrition while Rommel’s was a soldier’s war with rules to engagement.

Before he returned to Russia with his mother his Großvater told him that after the war David Montgomery and Manfred Rommel met and became close friends.  “That’s what wars are supposed to be,“ his Großvater told him.  “About land rights, the ability to feed your people, and shaking hands at the end.  Not about slavery or annihilation.“

Before he places a bottle of the pain killer Panadol into his carry on bag he shakes it.  He needs to make sure the cotton batting inside the pill container will stop the pills from moving around so the potassium cyanide pills, in the shape of molars, end up on the top.  He will place one of the false teeth in his mouth once he reaches Russia.





Mini Upper Body Workout for Anywhere! (also Soupcan Workout) by Dan Watt, Pt and Writer

My original intention was to have two or more websites.  One for writing, interviewing, guest writers, artist, models etc., and promoting my books.  The other one, with my co-blogger Taylor Norris, RMT, for exercise instruction with a tinge of humour when possible.  However, I can only download videos on Caedar-writing-artwork and put the link to the video on Twhealthhumor.

The mini workouts are meant to be instructional.  I suggest you don’t go to failure while doing the exercises.  Focus more on the techniques for breathing, posture, and movement.  The quality isn’t quite where I would like it.  Because of the isolation I’m director, cinematographer, instructor, and editor.  As soon as possible for you and me there will be someone else behind the camera and/or in front of it.

No Taylor in this video, nor my niece Andraya behind the camera, or any of our other friends.  But that will change in the near future!

Keep Safe!

Click HD to get a clearer picture:

The video was made with a Nikon D7100 and Nikon mic.

Mini Leg Workout for Anywhere! By Twhealthhumor.wordpress.com and PT Dan Watt

Take your time and understand how to do the movements properly.  That’s much more important than just swinging your legs around.  This isn’t meant to burn you but to warm-up the limbs using proper posture.  Only do what you feel you can.  It’s a short workout but it is a workout.  3-8 reps.  Do all the movements than if you’re bursting with energy repeat.  But leave some energy for the rest of the day.

Circling the feet didn’t get on the camera so just do them on your own, slowly, in both directions.

Normally Andraya would be behind the camera and Taylor would be in the front working with me or one of our other friends.  We’ll have to wait awhile before that happens again.  So be patient with the lighting and other video misalignments.

This was filmed with a Nikon D7100 camera.  Audio recorded with a Nikon ME-1 mic.  Edited with filmora9 and converted to MP4 with Wondershare.

Daughter of the Bear (Blog Two) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum,  References at bottom of page

Daughter of the Bear (Blog Two) by Dan Watt, author of Brackish, and Queen of Caelum,  References at bottom of page

Finding it very difficult not to write this in first person so if you find an I, me, or my feel free to correct me.

Russian musicians have created some incredible music over the years.  The Kalendar Prince by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is just one example.


Nodding off to the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Kalendar Prince he hears the ringtone for Market of the Northlands.  He never expected to hear this ringtone again.

“Hello?” he asks into the phone as he struggles to sit up straight.

“Without effort, you cannot even pull a fish out of the pond,” a deep Slavic accent rumbles back to him in Russian.

He knows the original meaning to the Russian proverb but considering who is saying it; it carries a very different meaning, one that is more exact.  “Da,” he replies.  The line goes dead.  There are at least two and likely three groups listening into his conversations at any time.  He expects INTERPOL to listen in for international security reasons.  The KGB and the German Federal Intelligence Service are mostly likely listening in because of his dual citizenship.  Now he has no doubt Morok Industries has hacked into his phone.  He smiles.  But does Morok Industries know that the others listening in on his conversations also know there is a new intruder?

He lies back in the chair staring out at the skiers and the mountain.  A list forms in his mind.  On his phone he checks the flights from Sion Airport about 50 km away to Pulkovo Airport, Saint Petersburg.   The earliest flight is 7 a.m.  That gives him six hours to get ready and be there two hours ahead of time.  The flight will be around two hours long.  Then he needs to get a flight from Saint Petersburg to Komsomolsk-on-Amur; another seventeen to eighteen hours.

He’ll go to Saint Petersburg as himself no doubt followed by agents of Morok Industries.  But to go to Komsomolsk-on-Amur he’ll go as someone else.  Mostly he’ll go in disguise for Marina’s safety, but partially for any agents foolish enough to follow him into the land of the bears.  First he needs to make a phone call.

“Yes?” a woman with a lilt to her Russian accent answers.

“Veronica,” he replies.  “Mother calls.”

“I see,” she replies in an emotionless tone.  “You’ll need seven days of clothes.”

“Thank you,” he replies trying to keep the soft tone out of his voice but unable to.  He turns his cell phone off.

Veronica is his wife Anna.  Seven means he’s to call her on a bought cell phone with bought time once he gets to Komsomolsk-on-Amur.  She’ll dispose of the phone he just called her on.  They both have three cell phones at any time.

Anna Vailievna Fuch nee Verilova still works for a department of INTERPOL no one in the general public will ever hear about.  If they do they will be killed along with anyone they spoke to.  He doesn’t find this immoral; just a necessary ideology for the Earth’s safety.

After all these years he has an epiphany.  Unlike Marina, Anna is like him; plain.

It initially drove Marina crazy when she found out he would be a field spy while she remained at the head office of INTERPOL’s Intrepid department.  The word intrepid fascinates him.  When he was sixteen his mother insisted he read both the Russian and German translation of William Stevenson’s A Man Called Intrepid about a Canadian businessman who initiated a worldwide intelligence network to defeat Nazi Germany.  Very fascinating that the Canadian businessman’s name is William Stephenson but with no relation to the author.  The book taught him so much about undercover work, the importance of secrecy and accurate information, and of course how lethal misinformation is that he insisted Marina read both his copies when she turned ten.

Marina is too beautiful and noticeable to do feel work.  Like Anna Vasilyevna Chapman she would have to be a socialite to work what is known as outside of cover.  It would be impossible for her to gather information without being recognized.

He remembers how his relationship with Anna blossomed.  She is five centimeters shorter than he is; American’s would say she is 5’4”.  Her face has a few freckles but that is the only noticeable characteristic.  From a distance she is plain.  It was only when he got up closer to her that he saw the sparkle in her average blue eyes.  She is neither busty nor curvy.  For two years they never conversed.  He doesn’t recall why but one day as they passed each other in the Intrepid department’s hall, he said hello to her in English.  Much to his amusement she replied hello back in French.  As time went by he would say hello to her in Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.  She always replied back in a different language except Arabic.  She asked him what language he was speaking and when he told her she asked if he would teach her.   Except when they were in the field they had been together ever since.

He is still surprised she stays with him considering the first time she met Marina.

Marina came to visit him at his apartment in Moscow.  She came of course with a large pad of drawing paper, charcoal, in case he didn’t have any.  Since they were young Marina insisted he draw her nude every few years so she could study how age changes the female body when she was older.  He found it awkward after first but over the years he just shrugged his shoulders and drew.  She would sit on a chair bare naked with one leg crossed over the other.  Her chin always rested on her left hand while she smiled.  It wasn’t a very revealing pose and he was happy about that.  He never suggested a different pose and his sketches got better over the years but it was the only time he did artwork so they were simple.

At that time Anna had just moved in with him and when Marina arrived full of vigour and stories he had forgotten to mention that.  He didn’t even hear the door open he was so focused on trying to improve his artistry.  That changed when he heard something crash to the floor.  In an instant he had an envelope opener in the shape of a sword in his hand and was crouched by the entrance to the small living room.  What he found disturbing is that Marina just sat in the chair.  Obviously she had already seen who it was.

“Anna, I’m Marina,” she said with a smile.

“She’s like my little sister, Anna,” he said rapidly.  “The one I told you about.”

“Naked,” Anna gasped.

He had given up trying to have relationships before meeting Anna.  Whenever Marina showed up the other girls just crept away.  So he felt crestfallen.

“Yes, look,” he told her pointing at his work.

She glanced at it, looked at Marina, tore his work off the pad and said, “Go get us something to eat.”

He was dumbfounded as Anna took up the piece of charcoal and started giving Marina instructions on the pose she wanted to sketch.

Since then whenever Marina shows up to be sketched Anna does it and he goes out to get takeout food and a bottle of Fangoria Cru Lermont Cabernet Sauvignon or Abrau-Dorso, “Imperial” Brut Rose.  But now Marina is missing.




Review of Cixin Liu’s “The Dark Forest”

I reviewed Cixin Liu’s “The Three Body Problem” awhile ago.  For someone who is not from the East and did not grow up in China I found Cixin Liu’s book refreshing.  His technical knowledge is far beyond mine, he is a computer engineer and more, but he explains the theories in a way most people can grasp.

In his second book of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy he deals more with philosophy.  The Dark Forest is technical but it suggests philosophies we as Earthlings really need to consider as we go to other planets and try to communicate with the rest of the galaxy.  The major philosophical discovery made by the main character, Lou Ji, is terrifying!

This is a link to a short Interview about and with Cixin Liu (Liu Cixin in Chinese).

Daughter of the Bear by Dan Watt (Blog One)  References at bottom of page

Daughter of the Bear by Dan Watt (Blog One)  References at bottom of page


Although I have called this blog story a thriller I’m not sure that is the correct genre to use.  I know the beginning but not the middle nor the end.  It does come with a warning though.  It is important to remember this story is fiction peppered with facts and exploratory.

I have never been in the army but I have talked to those who have.  I am anti-war but not anti-soldier.  There is a reason why those who have fought in battles don’t want to talk about it.  In this blog story I make a distinction between “warrior” as one who fights to protect, and “mercenary” as one who fights for personal gain only.  Morok Industries is meant to be a fictional company.  I checked and didn’t see it listed—my apologies if the company does exist.


Daughter of the Bear


He sits in his resort room staring out the bay window at the tiny skiers whipping down the Matterhorn Peak.   He hears the beginning of Luna’s Jukebox from the night table beside him.  The song reminds him of her so he lets it play for a while before picking up his cellphone.

“Yes,” he says.

“Erwin, this is Viktor Ivanov from Morok Industries.  You may have heard that our company designed software for a very specific and necessary device.  The device I speak of will revolutionize Russia’s ability to create energy.”

“I have heard such a device is being built but not exactly what it is,” Erwin replies.  He knows more about the device than he’s letting on.  A deep sigh comes from the other line.

“Do you know of a Marina Catherine Shanina?  We have it on good authority that you may have worked with her.”

“I have heard of her.”  Erwin forces his voice to stay droll.  The mention of her name makes his heart ache.

Another deep sigh on the other line followed by, “Listen Erwin, I’m going to be straightforward.  She installed a virus into the software that runs the device.  We asked the KGB to get involved since this is a national matter.  They don’t seem very interested.”

If the KGB isn’t interested it means one of two things.  Marina is dead or she is still alive and the Russian government doesn’t want Morok Industries’ device to work.  “You want me to find her?” he asks deadpan.

“Yes, and.”


“Once you find her let us know where she is and we’ll take care of the rest.”

“I understand.”  They want Marina dead.

“Three million rubles will be put into your Swiss bank account.  Anything more and we’ll need you to justify the spending.  She is a traitor to the Motherland.”  The line goes dead.

Marina a traitor?  If Mr. Ivanov had said that to her face his body would soon be floating prone in a river or a sewer.  He knows of no one who is more dedicated to her homeland than she is.

He takes a remote off the night table and clicks the stereo on.  “Carry You” he says and closes his eyes as he hears Ruelle and Fluerie sing their duet.



Recommendation to read Shayleene MacReynolds: Wildheartoflife.blog

The body will say what it feels; the mind will conceive of a plan based on what it sees and wants; but the soul speaks what is real.  The soul’s language is not conceived but dwells in the depths.  And it is a language so hard to let out.   I have read the word images of Shayleene MacReynolds’ over the last while and have come to realize she is speaking from the soul.

The work…

What Becomes

Rita Walker (Blog Thirty-two):  By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris

Rita Walker (Blog Thirty-two):  By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris

This is the conclusion of the Rita Walker story…so far.   Normally I would remove a story once it’s completed but Taylor and I agreed it has a lot of environmentally important links.  So we’re leaving it up for now.  The next blog story is a thriller and takes place mostly in Russia.


Zsofia does not go with them.  She tells Rita she will wait for the elementals who will be returning.  She has also agreed to take over Rita’s class until the end of the year.  As they hug good-bye Zsofia tells Rita to wait one moment.  Out of her purse Zsofia gives Rita a stem of a weeping willow, its bottom covered in a glass aquatic stem tube.

As the longboat heads towards Tasu, Rita peers out into the ocean.  Giant bubbles of water are causing tiny eddies that are creating unusually large waves for a sunny day.   The Elder lands the boat on a rocky shore near a floating fishing village.  Rita sees the familiar line where the shore ends and the dense growth of cedar trees begins.

“Go inward a bit,” the Elder says.  “And don’t use the fishing lodge.  Kanecki will bring a storm that might crush the lodge.”

As Rita and the others get out of the boat the Elder passes Rita two heavy sacks.  “Go up that path near the lodge until you find a row of totem poles.  That is where I recommend you try to stop Kanecki.  I will come back after the eclipse.”

“Should we meet you at the shore?” Ember asks.

A dark look crosses the Elder’s face.  “If there is a shore.”  He waves as turns the boat around and heads out into the choppy water.

“It’s getting cooler and the wind is picking up,” Aella says.


As they follow the path between the yellow cedars and Sitka spruce to the totem poles Marlo takes the heaviest sack from her.  “Smells like food,” he says.

“If we succeed we’ll need it,” Rita replies.

“And if we don’t?”

“Each of us will have to change into our element,” Rita replies.  She sees the totem poles but that’s not what she’s looking for.

The wind is blowing everyone’s hair now and it feels chilly as the sky grows darker.  Rita stops between the totem poles and unfastens the mouth of the sack she was carrying.  She grins.  Inside are red blankets with fasteners.  On the back of each blanket are the different symbols for each element.  She passes them around before putting hers on.

“I’m feeling much better now,” Kanayago says with a grin.

“And I’m freezing,” Ember says with a groan.

“Do we need to draw a circle or anything?” Aella asks.  The wind does not seem to affect her as much as the others.

“No,” Rita shouts through the growing wind.  She peers around and sees a young red cedar growing amongst yellow cedars.  “I’m going to sit beside that redwood with one hand on its bark.  The rest of you will grab a hold of my other arm.  Except you Marlo, you will grab my hand.  Stare at the ground or close your eyes but do not look up into the sky until I tell you to.”  Rita clasps the weeping willow stem Zsofia gave her in the hand she places on the redwood.

Rita feels a different tingling feeling as each of the elementals grabs a hold of her.  The flowing of water from Marlo, the wisp of air from Aella, heat from Ember, and coolness from Kanayago.  Rita closes her eyes and focuses on the bark of the redwood.


She can see Onya, Ailbe Rose, and Rán at the same time.  Onya by the weeping willow, Ailbe Rose by the hedge, and Rán crouched down with her hand in the ocean water.  She can sense Rae but not see her.

Her mind configures an image to explain something unimaginable Rita had once heard.  As the wind pushes through the dense growth of trees and in the distance she can hear the fishing lodge banging against the shore Rita sees an image that terrifies her.   A man with jagged metal hands and feet tearing up through the ground of the Queen Charlotte Fault until his head is covered in the water more than five hundred feet deep.  His mouth opens and out of his nostrils blow bubble of air that rush towards the surface.  His hands and feet mutate into long thin paddles that he uses to swim towards the surface.

Her hand starts to sweat and she feels an oily sensation from the others’ hands.  Kanecki is walking onto the shore of Tasu.  She can’t make out his appearance because it keeps changing from facial features similar to images she has seen of Samurais, Zulu warriors, Roman Legionnaire but the eyes stay the same; metallic grey and determined.

Energy swirls around her from the other Elemental Elders and the Elementals holding onto her.  Then, Rae appears before Kanecki, with one arm behind her head as she stands wearing little garb.  Kanecki’s ever changing face grins.  He reaches out to touch Rae.

Nicki Henry as Rae with added symbols with fire

But Rae’s eyes turn to fire and the hand she kept behind her strikes forward with flames bursting from her fingertips.  Kanecki buckles over, stepping back farther and farther until the waves of the Pacific Ocean retreat, pulling him back into the depths.  Rita hears Rae say in a kindly lament, “Fire melts metal.”

Nicki Henry as Rae with added drawn symbols fire in eyes

Gasping for air and covered in a sheen of sweat Rita opens her eyes.  She can no longer feel the other elementals touching her arm.  Instead she feels the brush of a small whirlwind, the heat from a fire that does not grow from a dead branch near her feet, and a large metallic rock that rests beside the redwood.  From a few feet away she sees a large puddle of water.  She removes her hand from the redwood and Marlo, Kanayago, Ember, and Aella reappear as themselves.  To keep warm in the darkness of night they all huddle together; too exhausted to use their talents.  Rita sits with Marlo to her right and Ember to her left.  Beside Ember is Aella and beside Marlo Kanayago.


In the morning the Elder returns but he only takes back Kanayago, Ember, and Aella.

“Where should we go?” Marlo asks her as they stare across the Pacific Ocean.

“Australia,” Rita says hugging him tightly to her.




With Thanks to in order:

Taylor Norris, RMT, and co-author for portraying Rita Walker—earth elemental, photos by Dan Watt



Dr. Arla Kasaj, ND, for portraying Zsofia, akwellness@gmail.com, photos by Dan Watt

Andraya Watt as Vilas, female spirit

Andraya W. as Vilas for Rita Walker

Kaitlyn Lindemann as Tuath Dé Danann, supernatural race in Ireland

Kaitlyn L. as tuath dé danann for Rita Walker argillite stone

Leah Weir, as Ailbe Rose, picture taken by Kimberley Lee, www.kimberleyleephotography.co.uk

Leah Weir as Ailbe Rose picture by Kimberley Lee PhotographyLeah Weir as Ailbe Rose Kimberely Lee Photography 2 use

Brenda Gabet as Airmid

Brenda Gabet as Airmid 5 (2)Brenda Gabet as Airmid 1 (2)

Gloria Antwi as Oya, Yoruba Goddess and Mother of Nine, Gloria is associated with La Sab Hotel—Ghana West Africa

Gloria Antwi as Oya and thanks to La Sab Hotel Ghana West Africa

Gunnhildur Gubjornsdottir as Rán picture taken by Gunnhildur’s husband Freyr Holldorsson

Gunnhildur as Rán for Rita Walker November 9 2019 3 by Freyr Holldorsson
Gunnhildur as Rán for Rita Walker November 9 2019 3 by Freyr Holldorsson
Gunnhildur as Rán for Rita Walker November 9 2019 by Freyr Holldorsson
Gunnhildur as Rán for Rita Walker November 9 2019 by Freyr Holldorsson

Kyle Montyro as Marlo—water elemental, guitar maker, photography by Taylor Norris

Kyle Montyro as Marlo 2
Kyle Montyro as Marlo 2
Kyle Montyro as Marlo 1
Kyle Montyro as Marlo

Kaitlyn Lindemann as Kanayago—metal elemental–Ankh by https://www.instagram.com/34thandvinejewellerydesign/  photography by Dan Watt, woods photo taken by Katy Waring

Kaitlyn Lindemann as Kanayago
Kaitlyn Lindemann as Kanayago

Katy Waring as Ember—fire elemental–photo taken by Kaitlyn Lindemann

Katy Waring fire final 4 Dan
Kating Waring as Ember picture by Kaitlyn Lindemann

Victoria Givlin as Aella—air elemental–model, actress, and www.artals.com Shannon Fitzgerald, photographer:  https://www.instagram.com/sfitz_photography/  Tiffany Meatherall, makeup and hairstylist: https://www.instagram.com/tiffanymeatherall/?hl=en

AellaAella sky moon eyes

Nicki Henry as Rae, Fire Elemental Goddess, pictures by Darren Henry, nixxxdesigns@gmail.com,
Associate with:  https://www.facebook.com/BikersAgainstChildAbuseInternational/


Nicki Henry by Darren HenryNicki Henry as Rae with added symbols with fireNicki Henry as Rae with added drawn symbols fire in eyes





Rita Walker (Blog Thirty-one):  By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris

Rita Walker (Blog Thirty-one):  By Dan Watt and Taylor Norris

Sustainable Management and Environmental Engineering are two careers that look for ways to have technology work a mutually beneficial way with the environment and nature.  One are that needs to be researched and developed is what we eat.  Environmental impact on a particular location may be the most important factor on whether omnivore, vegetarian, or veganism is the most appropriate eating habit.  (References can be found at the bottom of the blog)


As they drive to the airport the driver puts on the news.   Along with the unusual heatwave Rita hears about a disturbance along the Queen Charlotte Fault near Tasu.

The heat outside the airport is so hot Rita asks Marlo to help her carry Kanayago inside the arrival lobby.  The girl’s skin feels hot and clammy.

Kanayago is able to walk on her own as the cooler air of the airport washes over them all.  Rita notices that as they wait at Pier C to board Aella makes sure she is always between Ember and Kanayago.  There’s no animosity it’s just an elemental thing.  She listens in as the elementals discuss nutrition.

Aella is a vegan and explaining to the others that veganism is healthier for the body and environment.  Marlo asks what will happen to the species of the animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens if humans no longer consume them.  Ember says she is vegetarian and only eats fish.  Kayango in a weak voice asks how someone who calls themselves an animal lover can be against eating meat.  “Wolves, bears, cats, ravens, and even fish eat other creatures,” Rita hears Kayango say.

“Perhaps not one is better than the other,” Marlo suggests.  “It may all depend on circumstances of survival.  If there are too few cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, and so on, maybe it would be better to let them replenish.”

“And not simply replace them with other livestock or vegetable foods,” Ember adds.

Rita hopes some of the elementals will take Sustainable Management.  Right now though she knows they have to get to the Haida Gwaii before the eclipse.  That gives them one day to prepare to meet Kaneki.


A Haida Gwaii Elder meets them at Prince Rupert Airport.  He wears a cedar cone shaped hat and a red blanket across his shoulder with the raven symbol on the back.  “I will take you back on my boat,” he tells Rita in a solemn voice.

He leads her and the others to a white dugout longboat covered in Haida art.  At the stern of the boat Rita sees a large electric outboard motor.  The Elder must have noticed her surprise.

“We do not have time to paddle,” he says with a half-smile.

As the boat heads towards the Haida Gwaii she notices they are not going to Skidegate.  “Where are we going?” she asks.

“Directly to Tasu.  Do you notice the air is cooler here?” he asks.

She does.  “Yes.”

“I must get you to the shore of Tasu before the moon blinds the sun.  The cooler air tells me that time is soon.”

Rita glances at the others.  They are all staring into the distance.  “What preparations have you done?” she asks the Elder.

“None,” he replies with a shrug.  “If Kaneki is successful the Earth will crack open.  He and Rae will be together once again but the rest of us will be devoured in lava.  Tasu has been abandoned.  You and…” he sweeps his arm at the others, “…will be the only ones there.”

Rita gulps.  Failure is not an option than.