Great thanks to everyone who came to Kitchener Comic Con March 3rd and visited Caedar-writing-artwork booth and all the other booths March 3rd!!!


We are preparing to go to Kitchener Comic Con Saturday March 3 and maybe 4th, 2018.  See you there if you live nearby.

For Comic Con 2018 (2)

All books are available as e-books through Amazon.com:  Lucy and the Snivel Chair (mystery/sci-fi), BRACKISH (Science Fiction), DRAGON: The Emerald of Light (fantasy/spoof), Queen of Caelum (science fiction/fantasy), Sylvia (science fiction/fantasy) , and Learning The Garden Of The Body (life experience teen and young adult)

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at mythruin@gmail.com.

You might also see Blogs attached to caedar-writing-artwork.com from Taylor Norris, RMT and myself, author and certified PT’s Website twhealthhumor.com.

Lucy 7 (5555) - with Amazon Book logo

A dream, a character I conceived of, and a chance picture taken of Joanne Gosling when she was modeling for a yet unpublished cover for the Children of the Myth Machine series, led to the creation of Lucy and the Snivel Chair.

Something strange is happening in Cambridge, Ontario.  A young woman is caught stealing a jersey and kept in a police cell over night.  In the morning the police find a teenage boy in the cell instead.  Other peculiar occurrences start to happen and RCMP officer Lucy J. Lightning is called in.  Before something tragic happens, Lucy must solve the case of the Snivel Chair.

Brackish for Amazon blue and some colour dpi 600 (3) with Amazon logo

I was lucky to have two willing models, Chris Lamprecht and Taylor Norris.  My brother, Andy Watt and I chose a few scenes from the story and this one we both agreed would be best.  Randy Bugdale, the artist decided to do it in pointillism but after hours and hours of detailed work told me to never ask him to do pointillism again.


Future Wake, a government supported space company is sending eight ships to colonize the eight habitable planets discovered by the Kepler spacecraft.  The company knows it’s out of time as the super volcano, the Yellowstone Caldera, is about to erupt, devastating North America.

Captain Jack Frontman is commanded to captain Whispers, the seventh of the Future Wake ships built secretly on the International Space Station.  His orders are to establish a colony made up of clones on a damp and vicious world called Brackish.  His dislike of cloning is challenged when he finds out some of the children he is to protect are clones of people he knew.  And there is the other matter…the one that means the most to him.

Anastia's Dragon Art and Text with Itallics Amazon

I can’t remember if I was living in Ottawa when I first wrote Dragon (now Dragon:  The Emerald of Light) but I thought I would enter it into a competition.  I should have read it first but there wasn’t time.  Anastasia Flitton did the artwork on short notice while working and going to school.  Now the story is more fluid and enjoyable so I put it on Amazon (no I didn’t win the contest).  However, some think the cover looks like the cover of a children’s book.  It’s not!

Burnwood is relaxing his scaled body under the Dragon Orb when his friend, Sprint the wyvern, tells him Sire Hornhead wishes to speak to him. Sire Hornhead tells him his daughter has changed into a little one–a human, and he fears for her safety since the black nailed human monsters have returned. She wears the Emerald of Light, an amulet with powers the dreaded Plague Knight, would love to have. Burnwood must turn into a human himself to save her. With the help of Sprint, Bruce of the Stein, and the Page, Ambruther, he sets out to save Sire Hornhead’s daughter, retrieve the Emerald of Light and if possible, defeat the Plague Knight and his army.

Queen of Caelum Cover FINAL lensflare with Amazon Logo use(3)


I was very lucky to get Danielle Ruban to pose for The Queen as she was preparing for a fitness competition and getting ready to move!  I was also very lucky that Randy Bugdale agreed to do the artwork not once but twice!  Its good to have highly talented friends!

Terren Foe knows what it’s like to be a slave.  On the world Sierra he was mutilated and mechanical parts added to his body so he could fight as a gladiator against Children of Myth.  Now he’s landed on Terra Verte to help the Queen of Meiosis capture the slaver, Thrain.  He has three weeks to complete his task and already his mechanical parts are malfunctioning.


Sylvia is the second book in the Children of the Myth Machine series.

Sylvia froze in terror as the two familiar lights fell from the sky.  She remembered what came with those lights and how they stole her sister from her.  She pressed her palm against the bark of a sugar maple and sent a warning.  This time they were prepared.  Human slavers would steal no more Children of the Forest.

I’ve included the first chapter on the Sylvia page.

Jessica and Jen cover Learning The Garden of the Body (4) Amazon

Thanks to my Goddaughter Jessica and her younger sister Jenny for doing this photo without any warning.  Learning The Garden Of The Body is connected to Healing The Temple Of The Soul but also stands alone.  Both stories were the hardest to write and so far the most important stories to tell.

Faye Stevens just wants to concentrate on doing well in school and preparing for a half marathon with her sister. However, when Janet Pierce, one of the most popular girls at her high school, asks Faye to be her workout partner and help her with a fashion project, Faye is suspicious. The reason Janet wants to do the project will force Faye to question the difference between looking attractive on the outside and being attractive from the inside.







Well, I’ll just say take a look at the Appleye The Pirate! page to get an idea what this play is all about!


Since Cynthia’s mother passed away from ovarian cancer her father rarely talks to her.  Already emotion weakened she’s devastated when to girls in junior high make fun of how she looks.  Desperate to be liked she listens to advise from a star athlete in high school and soon finds herself one of the popular girls.  But not eating while continuing to exercise has a cost and she finds herself in the hospital where her dad pleads for her to get help.



Dan and Sam by Peter Samuel
Model Samantha Nichols and I at Comic Con Kitchener 2016
My brother and budding writer, Andy Watt, at our stand at Kitchener City Hall.
Leah Weir Ruby and Syvia books June 2016
Leah Weir from Ireland. Editor and enthusiast holding Sylvia and Ruby book from the Children of the Myth Machine series.
My helpers, Andraya and Katilyn wearing Ruby and Sylvia T-shirst with a mysterious girl whose arm you write your name on. I was told I wouldn’t understand her character so I can’t tell you her secret power.

Author with Sam Nichols (model) at Kitchener Comic Con, April 2, 2016 in Ontario, Canada.  Picture taken by Peter Samuel.

With time I would like this website to be about fiction stories but also true stories about writing and art from my experience and others.  Let us know what you think of the blog, website, and tell us your own experiences.



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  1. I have read a number of Dan Watt’s writings over many years, and I find that he is a gifted writer. I recommend giving him a read!!


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