#7 A Friend’s Warning

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Seven:  A Friend’s Warning

Chief Shabuni feels that something is missing.  As the two vampires lead him towards a dock at the end of the street, he undoes the first few buttons of his shirt and slides his hand inside.  The ridges of the moving scar on his chest are gone.

At the dock he glances across the choppy grey waves at a crop of trees.  Further back, he can see the shadowy image of a castle.

From behind him, he hears the soft sound of harp strings gently plucked, and a voice, nearly inaudible, singing:

You are heading into danger Dimoso

This is my place

And I know

I know

You can never die here

Only be terrified, charmed, into a docile existence

Your soul Dimoso

Not your tangible body

Not your tangible mind

But the mind that holds your soul

When the time comes

Heed me friend

The song and playing end.  Replaced by the soft sound of clicking heels.  As the steps get closer to him, he wants to turn around.  To see if it is actually her.  But he dares not.

Bobbing beside the dock is an immaculately kept skiff.  Two men, in fine clothes, sit with the handles of the oars in their hands.  Their eyes stay open in fear. 

The vampire with the sea green overcoat passes a coin to a man wearing a faded purple trench coat and stove pipe hat.  The man’s eyes are hidden behind goggles with silver wings on each arm.

“I too would like to cross,” he hears a soprano voice call from behind.

Original picture for cover by Dianne McBride diannemcb@gmail.com

Honourable Mention cont.:

Maggie Boone https://www.instagram.com/missmaggiemoon/?hl=en

This is a clip of her singing Fergie:  Big Girls Don’t Cry 

Currently she’s doing a kickstart for her debut EP: Delaware Street


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