The Race Series: The Whipping Post

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So we went to Tanzania, as I mentioned in my previous post. And it was truly a fun, mixed bag of an experience. I learned things I didn’t even know existed to be learned, made a friend and realised changes about myself which were unsettling yet true. Where…

The Race Series (Sort Of): Where’s that?

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Yesterday, I was talking with my Southern African family about a trip I’m taking to Tanzania. I’ve never been to Tanzania. But a friend wanted to celebrate her birthday there, so we’re going. By the time this article is published, we’d have gone and come back to Southern…

Questioning Lady Marina Steamsail [Part 10]

(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story) By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone Chief Shabuni excuses himself from Mrs. Claws house.  The Clockmaker will be arriving soon, and Inspecter Harper and Campbell, along with Mr. TLC, will keep watch over Mrs. Claws, and on The Book Stealer.  He needsContinue reading “Questioning Lady Marina Steamsail [Part 10]”

Random Thoughts: Pretending I Knew A Famous, Dead Stranger

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I once watched a movie which depicted the life of a painter… The painter, described by the Internet as ‘morally skittish’, left his family behind for a carefree, Tahitian existence. If I remember correctly, the painter had a friend who also aspired to be an artist -except that…

The Race Series: What Is The Opposite Of Generational Trauma?

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There’s a conversation going around these days about the generational traumas we inherit from previous generations and pass on to our descendants. I’d say it’s an attempt to justify all the inexplicable patterns that crop up in families -regardless of whether or not the people who constitute that…

Random Thoughts: Writing and Censorship

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I have a roundabout confession to make. I am one of those people who censors themselves quite a bit. Even though I’m aware that I’m an amateur writer, a hobbyist, I do feel a need to check myself in public. Why? At first, it was because I’m my…


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There could be a sequel…an elaborate improvement on the now.But we’re hiding within that feelingof twisting limbs ’round each otherwhile sipping soothing beverages,of running fingers through braided hair,pretending tomorrow will never come. There could be candid conversationsstarring in A Tense Evening.Yet the setting sun lulls usinto the cocoon…

BARD: Owner Of The Gemstone an Epic, Dark Fantasy Adventure

This is the new cover of BARD, with the added subtitle: Owner Of The Gemstone. BARD is an epic, dark fantasy novel that explores lores, blacksmithing, and the very real danger of war. It is a journey to learn how to become a Bard and Blacksmith and finding the owner of the gemstone.