The Other Place: blog #8 Remembering the Handsome Clock and Roisin Moodlive

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Eight:  Remembering the Handsome Clock and Roisin Moodlive

He can sense her behind him as the Schiff bobs up and down across the grey waves.  Terror should be engulfing him as the castle looms larger but her presence is distracting him.  He never expected to meet her corporeal form.  It must be a lyre she is playing behind him for a harp would be too large.  Strange that the vampires show no reaction to her playing.  The one with sea green overcoat is tormenting the two rowers.

“Countess Mlde will be hungry when we arrive,” the shorter vampire taunts.  “You two look swollen enough to satisfy her.”

“I just want to die,” says one of the rowers.

“Not likely,” the vampire in the stormy grey overcoat says in a cruel tone.  “Whatever you did before must have been horrendous.  And you know what the saying is, Hell is on Earth for the returning wicked.”

As he stares forward, he remembers when he first met her.  He was much younger then.  On a case to find the murder of a number of citizens with suspected villainous characters.  It was a case he wasn’t sure he wanted to close.  The family of one of the deceased wanted nothing to do with his belongings, so held an auction.  Mr. Clockwind had purchased a handsome and horse clock and wanted him to see it.  As Mr. Clockwind wound the clock a knock came at his shop’s door.  “Just wind it a few more times,” Mr. Clockwind had told him, “I’ll be right back.”

He turned the key on the bottom of the base until it no longer moved.  As he stood up to appreciate the craftmanship, a faint red glow emitted below the roof of the handsome.  Diligently, he felt along the edge of the roof.  A nearly invisible clasp released and the flare of red turned bright yellow, blinding him.  His chest burned terribly for a moment.  “Hello,” a soft, soprano voice called into his mind.  “I’m Roisin Moodlive.”  From behind him he could hear Mr. Clockwind returning.  Quickly he pressed down on the roof of the handsome until he heard a click. 

Original picture for cover by Dianne McBride  This was such an interesting picture that, other than cropping it to fit, I left it as is.  Dianne’s husband Bob Godglick who portrays Mr. Clockwind also repairs vintage clocks.  Considerate Done: Vintage Clock Repair:

Honourable Mention cont.:

Maggie Boone

This is a clip of her singing Fergie:  Big Girls Don’t Cry 

Currently she’s doing a kickstart for her debut EP: Delaware Street

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