The Other Place: #9 Lean Forward And…

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Nine:  Lean Forward And…

The skiff docks against a cedar dock so old its planks have turned a greyish brown.  At the end of the dock, he sees a crushed stone walkway and further a castle that appears vaguely familiar. 

“Off you go, big boy,” the vampire in the storm grey overcoat says, while heaving up on his arm to make sure he understands.

Once he’s on the dock he turns to Roisin Moodlive and offers an invisible hand.  Her lightly freckled cheeks smile up at him and she reaches up. 

A dainty hand, with long fingernails curled at the ends, pushes his arm away.  “We don’t help the likes of her,” the vampire in the sea green overcoat chides him.

Memories of Msizi in a rage flash before him, and as he snarls, he grabs the sides of both vampires’ heads and smashes them together. 

Roisin Moodlive leaps onto the dock as the two rowers paddle the skiff away from the dock.

He glares at the rowers but they refuse to return.  In a moment they’re too far for him to leap onto the skiff.

A light pressure on his arm causes him to look down.

Nodding towards the two unconscious vampires, Roisin Moodlive tells him, “We need to leave before they awake.”

“Where too,” he asks, glancing everywhere but the castle.

“To the castle.  You’ll have to go there eventually anyways—to find what you’ve come for.  But not through the gates.”

“How else?” he asks.

“We’ll fly?”

He blinks and waits for her to explain.

“Do as I do.”

He watches her lean from her ankles so that the rest of her body is straight.  She leans so far forward he is sure she’ll fall over.  Then her feet raise off the ground.  “It’s like swimming,” she tells him, brushing the air with her hands and arms.

Picture of Chief Shabuni by Alex Watt

Picture of Castle Ward by Leah Weir

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Maggie Boone

This is a clip of her singing Fergie:  Big Girls Don’t Cry 

Currently she’s doing a kickstart for her debut EP: Delaware Street

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