The Other Place #10: Don’t Stop Moving!

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Ten: Don’t Stop Moving!

As he leans forward, copying Roisin Moodlive, he notices there is a bulge in both of his overcoat’s pockets.  He remembers putting the bag with the antigravity stones into his left pocket but he’ll have to look again at the note and jar in his right.  His feet raise off the ground.  Using his arms to move and for direction while kicking his legs back and forth as if he were treading water, he follows Moodlive around the tower of the castle.

He glances down and wishes he hadn’t as his legs instinctively stop kicking and his arms go still at the terror of falling. 

“Don’t look down, and don’t stop moving,” he hears Moodlive’s distant voice warn.

As his body starts to fall he focus on leaning farther forward until there is pressure under his belly, as if he were leaning over a steam pipe.  Gulping nervously, he starts to kick and stroke the air with his arms again.

Staring up he sees Moodlive slip inside a round window.  He makes wider strokes to increase his speed as she peers out the window and waves for him to hurry.

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