The Other Place: #13 Flow Through The Floor

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Thirteen: Flow Through The Floor

As he focuses on becoming immaterial, he hears footsteps enter the hall.  Countess Thelma Mlde is no longer just an image.  Her corporeal being is almost overwhelming in its confident presence.  She’s only a few steps from him now.  In her hand is the antique silver mirror.  Anger makes her eyes an abyss of rage as she stares into it.

“Where is he?” she demands into the mirror.

Cautiously he crouches down as tingling sensations run from his fingers to his toes.  His nose grows numb.

“Sink through the floor,” Roisin Moodlive encourages him, inside his head.

He feels his body become liquid and everything gets larger in the hall as he flows downward.  Just as his eyes sink into the floor, he swears Countess Mlde stares directly at him.  If he could, he would inhale deeply but there is no breath for him to intake. 

He nearly becomes tangible as his body flows through the air of the room below.  He stares down, into a large room, filled with strange humans.  An overwhelming terror grasps a hold of his chest as he floats behind the two vampires, who brought him to the castle.  But it’s not them that terrifies him.  It’s the gathering they are staring at.

Staying ever so still, he listens in to what the vampires are saying.

With much thanks, as always, to Leah Weir for portraying Countess Thelma Mlde.

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