The Other Place: #14 A Boat To Procure

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Fourteen: A Boat To Procure

Lady Oolong and Lady Steamsail find themselves on the opposite shore of Countess Mlde.

Lady Oolong lowers her head and unsheathes the rapier within her dragon headed cane.   “It’s the original, you know” she says to her sister.

“It was always his prized possession,” Lady Steamsail says, as she stares around for a way to cross.  The wind over the water makes swimming through the air difficult.

I’d like to think he’s still alright, Lady Oolong sings.

Breathing in an unsafe place

You know,

I don’t think he gave in

I don’t think they know I have it

Oh, sister, Lady Steamsail sings in reply.

He’s as stubborn as a tax collector

As tough as a billy goat

I think he’s still sane

Even after so many years

With a sniffle, Lady Oolong sheathes the rapier.  “Do you see a boat we could procure.”

Lady Steamsail squints towards the lake.  “Why, I think Chief Shabuni will be saved.  There is a fine-looking skiff with two nervous rowers, just waiting our arrival.”

Lady Evelyn Oolong is portrayed by Taylor Norris, RMT

Lady Marina Steamsail is portrayed by Joanne Gosling

Background by Dianne McBride

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