The Other Place: #12 An Enchanting Message

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Twelve: An Enchanting Message

Lady Oolong is smoking her pipe outside the red door of Lady Iris’s mansion, talking to Lady Steamsail, when the sisters both stop to listen.

“Do you hear a siren’s voice melded with enchanting strings of a lyre, dear sister?” Lady Steamsail asks.

Lady Oolong takes a puff of her pipe.  “Why, yes, I do.  It seems we’re being beckoned to Countess Mlde’s castle but not by the countess.”

“Isn’t that where our stepfather, Mr. Intrepid is believed to be?” Lady Steamsail asks.  “And the spirit of The Inventor’s twin?”

“Why yes,” Lady Oolong replies.  “It’s also believed that Mr. Siku Claws and Ulysses are there as well.”

“I sense the music is from Roisin Moodlive,” Lady Steamsail says, staring thoughtfully into the direction of Countess Mlde’s castle.  “And there was a sense of Chief Shabuni, but no more.”

Lady Oolong takes a puff.  “Why is Chief Shabuni there when he should be here?”

“Twist of fate,” Lady Steamsail replies.  “I wonder if The Inventor and Mr. Clockwind have finished the clock?”

“Not to worry sister, fate has intervened,” Lady Oolong says with a final inhale.  The herb mixed with the tobacco in her pipe helps clear her mind.  “We were supposed to wait here, but now we need to put on our goggles and turn phantasmal.”

“To Castle Cumplit,” Lady Steamsail says with relish. 

Lady Evelyn Oolong portrayed by Taylor Norris, RMT

Lady Marina Steamsail portrayed by Joanne Gosling

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