There’s A Deal I’ve Made…  [Part 21]

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(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

The Inventor

The Inventor, has his latest automaton, carry Mr. Clockwind outside. 

“Place him near the garage doors, Bowditch One,” he instructs the automaton.  He waits, until the yellow H4 chopper headlight eyes, of Bowditch One, blink in acknowledgement.  From the ground he sees the clockmaker stir.  “Soon the others will be here,” he says to Mr. Clockwind.  “You’ll assist them in repairing my automaton.  You’ll also help take, the books by authors who never existed from Mrs. Claws.  And if you have to hurt Mr. TLC to get them, think of it as, collateral damage,” he finishes with a scowl.

In the distance, he hears the familiar sound, of a powerful steam engine.  “Don’t worry,” he says, when he sees the confused look on Mr. Clockwind’s face.   “You’ll be dressed in a ninja outfit.”  Turning to the automaton, he says, “Place the contraption on his lap Bowditch One, so he doesn’t forget.  Oh, and also his toolkit.”

A delivery truck drives onto his back-alley driveway.  “Soon, it will all be over, Mr. Clockwind.  And you’ll go back to fixing clocks.  However, before that can happen, you and I still need to stay close.”  The Inventor walks around with one hand behind his back, while he wields a long cane with a skeleton handle.   “I have some unfinished business with a very powerful, influential, and enchanting associate.  She has a great interest in our Chief Dimoso Shabuni.”  He points at Mr. Clockwind.  “There’s a deal I’ve made.”  He hesitates before finishing with, “And you’re going to help me, conclude it.” 


The Inventor is portrayed by Brandon Gray.  The video clip and pictures are by his wife, Robin Gray, who also helped with the costume and did the makeup.

Robin Gray can be reached at @grayandwhitelaw  Custom Decor and Designs

Her new website is:

Honourable Mention



A sax player and two violinists

I’ve never played the violin but I have played the alto sax

This quite the collaboration.

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