Just Curious–?  [Part 20]

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(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

He doesn’t know who this individual with the brass mask is, but the blue eyes behind the goggles seem very human, and dangerous.  That’s when he notices the gloved hands appear human in shape.  Although, there is something strange, about the stranger’s left hand. In the stranger’s right hand, is a rotating brass barrel pistol.  The steam cartridge on the top of the barrel is oversized.  This is a gun designed to take on numerous opponents at close range.  The stranger slides his peculiar left hand into a pocket, where there seems to be something long and thin.

“I have a few tasks for you,” the voice snarls at him.  “Tonight, you will help me repair the automaton, currently at Mrs. Claws’ house.  Then you’ll be returning with me to my own shop, where I have further work for you to do.”

“Let me take off my optical visor and put on my glasses,” he says.  He turns his back and sets down the device.  Next, he takes off his optical visor and sets it on the ledge under the clocks on the wall.  He uses the metal rim of his glasses to write into the waxy surface of the wood: brass face – taken, before putting the glasses on, and picking up the device.

“You first,” the brass faced stranger commands.

“Of course,” he replies.  He starts to ask, “Just curious–?” when he feels a needle jab into his neck. 


Bob Godglick (Mr. Clockwind) does repair vintage clocks.

He and his wife Dianne, and Lexi, the furry one of the family, are also fantastic neighbours and friends.

If you want to learn more about, Considerate Done:  Vintage Clock Repairs, below is an interview we did a few years ago:

Bob can be reached at:



Honourable Mentions (people I enjoy listening to and/or want to work with):

Cellistlidia (@cellistlidia) and Annaworldmusic (@annaworldmusic)

You can often see them playing together on their Instagram accounts

Lydia Alonso:  Lewis Capaldi  — Before You Go

Anna Kuzmina:  John Legend – All Of Me

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