The Other Place: Through The Dreamscape

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk hybrid story)

Blog Three:  Through The Dreamscape

As Chief Shabuni enters the block of ice he sees something different than the city he originally saw.  How much did Lady Oolong’s tincture warp his thoughts?  In front of him in shades of white and blue are elongated buildings within an egg-shaped vignette.  “What–,” he begins to say when he hears Lady Oolong’s voice singing in his head.

Welcome to the Dreamscape Chief Shabuni

Where the bend of everything occurs

Welcome to the Dreamscape Chief Shabuni

That terrifying place in dreams

When everything, everything makes sense

Just one more step forward Chief Shabuni…

He stares down and sees endlessness through where his upper body and arms should be.  His eyelids instinctively squeeze shut.  His right hand covers the scar on his chest. 

A soprano voice, he knows from the real place he has departed, calls to him.

Find me, Dimoso

In the place I fully exist

In the place I feel real

In the place I never thought

Thought we could meet…

He takes a step forward.

I asked Dianne McBride to send me one of her abstract art pieces with the theme of buildings.

Original abstract art by Dianne McBride
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