Is This What You’re Looking For?  [Part 19]

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(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

Mr. Clockwind, is hunched over a device consisting of an assorted size of gears. He’s so focused on the tiny bolt he’s unscrewing, that he almost doesn’t hear, the uneven steps coming up the stairs.  He sets down the device, and takes off his magnifying visors.  Reaching behind, to his work desk, he grabs a spring coil tied with wire, and a pair of pliers.  He shoves them into his pants pockets.

As the footsteps reach the doorway of his workroom, he picks up the device once again. 

“My understanding is, that my automaton, will be brought to you, on the morrow,” a wispy voice says behind him.  “I also learned, that part of him might already be here.”

Inspectors Harper and Campbell did bring him the device he’s currently holding.  A safety precaution, they had told him, since the automaton’s hourglass had been flipped.  He turns to the stranger and asks, “Is this what you’re looking for?”


Bob Godglick (Mr. Clockwind) does repair vintage clocks.

He and his wife Dianne, and Lexi, the furry one of the family, are also fantastic neighbours and friends.

If you want to learn more about, Considerate Done:  Vintage Clock Repairs, below is an interview we did a few years ago:

Bob can be reached at:


Honourable Mentions (people I enjoy listening to and/or want to work with):

Galya Sky is a Lithuanian musician, who plays what is becoming my favourite instrument, the cello.  She also has a voice that will draw you into ethereal planes.

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