Books By Authors Who Never Existed, Acknowledgements

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After four or more years of writing a weekly story/blog (sometimes alone, other times with a collaborator–Taylor Norris, RMT and Model) I will be taking a hiatus to focus on passing a course, creating one, and some other projects.

When I do start again, if someone is interested in “volunteering” as a model to portray a character I will certainly consider it. The reciprocity is I promote your “appropriate” business or charity. You own the picture(s) I, or I and a co-writer own the character.

There was a number of volunteer character models for the Steampunk hybrid story Books By Authors Who Never Existed.

Lady Evelyn Oolong portrayed by Taylor Norris, RMT

Lady Marina Steamsail portrayed by Joanne Gossling, Interior Decorator

Mr. Clockwind portrayed by Bob Godglick: vintage clock repair:

Considerate Done: Vintage Clock Repair: 519-897-0419

The Inventor portrayed by Brandon Gray (photo and costume set up by Robin Gray)

Robin Gray can be reached at @grayandwhitelaw  Custom Decor and Designs Her new website is:

The weapons used are exclusively from Fire and Steel (just as most of the weapons in A Motley Sisterhood of Sisters! are) Dragonrider Folding Knife

Perched Drake Cane by

I would also like to thank my cousin Yvonne Haug (Giant Plants Interview) for the background for Mr. Intrepid.

Some upcoming projects are interviews with

Bob Godlick (Mr. Clockwind) on clocks that keep time in while in motion

Kendra Huddleston of FashionXtacy

In The Meantime

You can check out my books under BARD: Owner Of The Gemstone, and in Books

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