The Dance Effect

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The Dance Effect

The Dance Effect is the latest book by the author of Climate Change – Health Connections, Songs of Bittersweet Memories, and Explore.

Nandita Khandelwal, M.Sc. is a geologist, health coach, author, and lover of dance. Determined to write an authentic book about her passion for dancing she sought out three of India’s renowned dance performers/artists: Jainil Mehta, En Lai, and Nicole Concessao. With their collaboration Nandita has created a book that tells each of their stories both in words and pictures.

The Dance Effect is a window into the struggles and successes of real dance artists. A glimpse into how they got started to where they are now. This is a wonderful book for lovers of dance, students, parents, teachers, and of course professional dancers.

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You can also find her at her website.

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