The Other Place: #18 And Not Just Your Soul

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Eighteen: And Not Just Your Soul

Lady Oolong shivers.  She slips off her goggles and leaves them to hang around her neck.  The goggles keep out the sight of those that have moved on.  In the dim light she squeezes drops into each eye to blur out the vision of the living.  And it’s unlikely their father is still alive.  Not a belief she would say to her younger sister, Lady Steamsail. 

Familiar figures wander the hall she now hurries down.  Some are inside deep alcoves that line the stone walls.  She sees the glowing faces of relatives, friends, and acquaintances staring at her between rusty bars.

In a quiet voice, she sings:

Quite the place to be

When the owner of the castle,

Is your aunt

And she wants you,

Exactly where you are

But behind the bars

Behind the bars

Not so soon aunt

Not quite yet

I am not demised

Nor ready yet,

To live

In the Other Place  

She jolts at the sound of a familiar voice.

“About time you got here.”  Mr. Intrepid’s voice sounds, weaker, than she remembers it.

“Where is your ghost, father?” she manages to whisper while slipping out a tiny, blue, ceramic vial from her bosom.

“You know what I want,” she hears Mr. Intrepid say in a stronger sounding voice.  “A hot bath, while I drink Guinness with one hand, and a cup of tea with the other.”

Lady Oolong slips on her goggles.  “Oh, you’re all battered and chained against that wall. Well then, I’ll bring your whole being back to the Real Place, and not just your soul.” 

Thanks To:

Lady Evelyn Oolong is portrayed by Taylor Norris, RMT for the Perched Drake cane sword (see Exclusives)

Honourable Mention:

Reroll Tavern, for being a wonderous idea, where friends can go on imaginary adventures together, while drinking and eating heartily.

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