Have Some Valerian Tea [Part 14]

(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

Lady Evelyn Oolong

Chief Shabuni hesitates at the hexagon glass store front with the double oak doors.  Engraved on the lintel in cursive gold lettering is, Lady Evelyn’s Oolong’s Tea Shop.  He climbs up the seven steps to the doors and bangs on the right door’s brass doorknob.  That the doorknob is in the shape of a wyvern, does not escape him.

The door opens, and Lady Oolong smiles graciously up at him.  She has her brunette hair done up in a twirling bun.  Pressing her lips against an old pipe she lifts her goggles onto her forehead.  Her grey shawl covers her shoulders and arms so that only her bronze-coloured corset and dress are visible.  She’s conveniently hiding, what he believes, is a very fit body.  The knee-high military combat boots she’s wearing, are a reminder, of how dangerous she likely is.  He can smell cherry coming from her pipe but sees no smoke.

“Come in, Chief Shabuni,” she says with a sweep of her arm.

As with Lady Steamsail, he feels unnerved by, what is for him, a tiny figure. 

She leads him past an assortment of tea drinking accessories to an ancient China cabinet.  “Let me boil some water.”

The perched drake cane, leaning against the China cabinet, is something that awakens his memories in a bad way.

Lady Oolong returns with a porcelain tea pot in the shape of an elephant.  “We’ll let it steep she says.”

He takes off his stovepipe hat and holds it against his belly.  Sweat starts to pour down his face.  Of all the people he didn’t want to deal with, it this group of merchants.  He knows they deal in magic; he can feel it.

“Chief Shabuni, you look a little stressed,” she says as she pores the tea into a China cup sitting on a saucer.  “Have some valerian tea.”  She pushes the teacup towards him.

From her tone, he knows the offer of the tea, isn’t just a suggestion.


Perched Drake Cane by FireandSteel.ca

I just saw a fantasic steampunk post by @Hannah_redfoxcloset with art by @creadoresasueldo

One of the goals for these writing experiments is to include makers, and models of Steampunk.  Ben Lanzenstein of Switzerland creates Steampunk vehicles, weapons, and more.  I will be posting a short interview with Ben in very near future.  Meanwhile, you can see his work at:  ben_lanzenstein


Joanne Gosling (as Lady Marina Steamsail):  Jgosling@calclosets.com

Fireandsteel.ca Dragonrider Folding Knife

GRACEART Unisex Steampunk Top Hat with Goggles

Alivila.Y Fashion: Women’s Faux Leather Steampunk Corset Victorian Bustier Top

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