Honour the Belt #3

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


Her real name isn’t Mamacita but that’s no one business.  She grins at The Source and practices a roll on the ring’s surface to make sure it’s smooth.  The Source isn’t his real name either although she knows what it is, but the rule is, never call a wrestler by their real name when the makeup or mask is on. 

She grabs one of the top ropes with both hands and shakes it to make sure it’s secure.  The shaking goes on longer than normal because she wants to observe the tall, red-haired girl by the painting of a wrestling ring.  That’s who she wants to get to know.  Mamacita doesn’t just want to wrestle, she wants to know everything about the wrestling business.  And that seemingly, unassuming chica, is going to go places.  Places Mamacita intends to follow until she understands everything.

Mamacita stares down at her hands.  In Canada, the winter has just ended, so her gringo looking skin will soon have it’s more natural olive colour.  Then the audience will eat out of her hands and her merch will sell like loco.  She has ideas for t-shirts and pre-made fingernails with her name written across them.  She’s even considering selling temporary tattoos of her name—written in gold.  Soon all the mujer will be wearing her name on their fingernails, their arms, and even across their chests.

Thanks to:

Mamacita nails by Miss Kay

Honorable Mentions:

Natalia Markova

Professional Wrestling Links:

Celtic Warrior Workout (with Sheamus)  * because I’m a fitness trainer as well as an author

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