Honour the Belt #4

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


He’s back behind the stage curtains.  With a sigh of relief, he sees most of the seats in the school auditorium filled.  He steps back and slaps either side of his chest numerous times, all the while inhaling and exhaling deep breaths.  Taking one more sip of water he pics up a mic.  His theme music comes on and stomps past the curtains. 

“I am the AI in the word destruction,” he growls into the mic.

“The quantum physics of pro wrestling!” he shouts.

“Faster, smarter, newer.”  He pauses as he climbs up the steps to the ring.  As he ducks under the middle rope he smirks and raises his left arm.  “I am…The Source.”  He sets down the mic and gently kicks it outside of the ring so it falls onto one of the floor mats.  He makes a victory sign and points at his eyes than points his index finger at one of the security guards and backup wrestlers.  “Are you intelligent enough to be here!” he shouts.  On que the security guard stands up and starts shouting back at him.  Come on he thinks. He wants the crowd to hate him.   

Thanks to:

Brandon Gray for portraying The Source and Robin Gray for makeup and photo

Honorable Mentions:

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

Professional Wrestling Links:

Celtic Warrior Workout (with Sheamus)  * because I’m a fitness trainer as well as an author

Renee Paquette

The Broken Skull Sessions

The Kurt Angle Show

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