Honour the Belt #5

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


The Source hears The Electrician’s pounding electric piano music boom through the auditorium.  He’s no longer a web designer or graphic artist—he’s The Source.  He prowls around the ring as the referee makes a late entrance and rolls under the lowest rope to hurry onto the canvas.  Desiree Lyn is her performance name and she taps him hard on the shoulder with a scowl on her face.  Leaning in to chastise him for not staying in his corner she whispers, “Sorry, traffic.”

The Electrician marches around the ring pounding his chest and reaching out with his arms so everyone knows he’s the best.  The Electrician has forgotten he’s the babyface.  The Source gets in the referee’s face so the crowd knows he wants at the arrogant Electrician.  When he’s near her ear he keeps the anger on his face as he whispers, “The crowd decides.”  He sees her slight nod of confirmation.  She knows The Electrician has forgotten his role.

The Electrician is a big man.  6’4” without boots and closer to 6’6” with them on.  The electric bolts on his mask give him a menacing and mysterious appearance.  The Source gives him a clothesline across the chest.  Stiffer than he intended.  The Electrician goes down and the referee immediately checks on him.  The Electrician nods he’s okay and gets back to his feet.  It’s a good thing Desiree is also a paramedic.  Young, tough pro wrestlers like The Electrician, don’t always take well to chastisement.  And The Electrician, is an electrician, but also a semi-professional boxer.

Thanks to:

Brandon Gray for portraying The Source and Robin Gray for makeup and photo

Honorable Mentions:

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

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Celtic Warrior Workout (with Sheamus)  * because I’m a fitness trainer as well as an author

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