Honour the Belt #6

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


The Source scowls as The Electrician holds a hand just above the top of his head.  Then gradually lowers it to the height of his chin and points at The Source as he gives off a cackle.  The Source makes his entire body shake.  He goes to one side of the ring and shakes the top of the rope as he roars.  Then he goes to the other side, and glaring into the crowd does the same thing.  He stomps his feet and raises his hands with his fingers outstretched, challenging his foe to a feat of strength.  The Electrician glances at the crowd as he points at The Source.  A few cheers beckon him to take the challenge. 

This is what The Source was waiting for.  He kicks The Electrician just above the groin, but that’s not what the crowd sees.  The Electrician falls onto his knees with his hands between his legs.

“Dirty fighter, dirty fighter!” the crowd roars at The Source. 

The Source holds his arms above his head and struts around the ring as the referee checks on The Electrician.  Feeling triumphant, The Source points an index finger at his temple and taps.  The crowd now knows he’s super smart.  He rushes over to the still kneeling Electrician, holds one hand high up in the air, and stomps his foot as he chops down on one of The Electrician’s trap muscles.  The Source lifts his hand up to strike The Electrician again, intending to pound him to the ground, but The Electrician wags a finger at him and starts to stand.  The Source hits The Electrician again but it seems to have no effect.

“Beat the cheater!” the crowd chants.

The Electrician’s entire body shakes as he ignores another one of The Sources’ chops.  The Electrician gives The Source one of his own chops, right across the chest.  The Source staggers back.  Out of the corner of his eye he sees Autumn Spring with her hand on top of a large digital clock.  The referee moves in and whispers “One minute.”

Don’t forget.  Don’t forget,” The Source thinks towards his opponent as The Electrician pummels him against the ropes. 

In one swift movement, The Electrician jumps back, takes a step forward, jumps in the air, higher than should be possible, and hits The Source square in the chest with a drop kick.

The crowd gasps as The Source flips over the top rope onto the mats below!

The referee rolls below the bottom rope and onto the mats beside The Source.  She whispers, “Are you okay?”

“Count me out,” The Source replies in a most satisfied whisper.

Thanks to:

Brandon Gray for portraying The Source and Robin Gray for makeup and photo

Honorable Mentions:

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

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Celtic Warrior Workout (with Sheamus)  * because I’m a fitness trainer as well as an author

Renee Paquette

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