Honour the Belt #7

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictious story and homage to professional wrestling


Mamacita hears her music blaring.  It’s a techno version of the Mexican anthem.  She struts through the screened off area at the back of the gymnasium.  Half way to the ring she twirls so her green, white, and red cape with the Mexican eagle in the centre, flows for everyone to see.  She glances at the commentator table.  See me hermana, she thinks towards the red-haired announcer.  She rolls onto the canvas and dances in a circle.

“You’re too big to be a wrestler!” one of the men in the crowd shouts out.

She grabs a mic off the referee.  Leaning over the top rope she pouts before saying, “You must be only half a man to say such a thing to Mamacita.”  Walking to the centre of the ring, she raises her voice.  “Watch and see what Mamacita’s natural body can do.  Some of you will crave me after you do.  Some of you will fear me.  But all of you will respect Mamacita after you see what she can do.”  She hears her opponent’s music blast trough the air.  She takes off her cape and hands it and the mic to the referee.

From behind the stage’s curtains a young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes struts out.  She wears a gold mask that glimmers.  As does her pine green halter top and gold shorts.  Her boots are a matching green with red torch emblem on the outer sides.  In her bellybutton is a belly ring that blinks with a white light.  She’s as tall but half the size of Mamacita.  Her abs are ripped and there’s definition in her arms and legs.  This is Lampetia. 

Mamacita moves to attack but the referee holds her back.  Once Lampetia is fully in the ring they lock up.  Mamacita hip flips Lampetia to the mat and puts her into a headlock. 

Between gasping and snarling, Mamacita whispers, “Back kick.” 

Lampetia struggles to her feet than drops so Mamacita’s chin bounces off the top of her head.  She rolls forward onto her feet and kicks back into Mamacita’s abdomen.

As the referee checks on Mamacita she whispers, “Five minutes.”

Mamacita nods at the referee so that she knows Mamacita can continue.  Mamacita sees Lampetia strutting around the ring with her arms raised in the air, to tell the crowd how great she is.

Mamacita screams in rage.  She spins around and clotheslines Lampetia to the canvas.  Mamacita drops onto her knees so she’s straddling Lampetia.  She grabs Lampetia’s long blonde hair and bangs the back of her head into the canvas repeatedly.  The referee counts to five and stops her from continuing.  “You think you’re good?” Mamacita shouts.  She picks up the dazed Lampetia and puts her in a fireman’s carry across her shoulders.  Then she drops backwards. 

The referee hurries over to check on Lampetia.  As she does, she whispers, “Two minutes.”

Mamacita yells at the referee for interfering.  She looks like she’s going to shove the referee away but that would mean a disqualification.  Instead, she reaches to grab Lampetia’s hair. 

But Lampetia has recovered.  With lightning speed, Lampetia grabs Mamacita’s outreaching arm and pulls her off her feet.  Now Lampetia has Mamacita’s arm between her legs and is bending Mamacita’s hand back. 

Mamacita uses all her strength but she just can’t break the hold.  The referee keeps asking Mamacita if she gives up.  Mamacita is able to swing a leg over the bottom rope.  But just as she does Lampetia twists her body so her belly ring blinds the referee.  Lampetia yanks on Mamacita’s arm, causing Mamacita’s leg to come off the bottom rope.

When the referee can see again, Mamacita is too spent and in too much pain to fight on.  She rapidly taps out with her other hand.

Thanks to:

Mamacita nails by Miss Kay

Honorable Mentions:

Southern Ontario Professional Wrestling

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