Author Nandita Khandelwal, M.Sc.

Nandita Khandelwal, M.Sc. is a geologist, health coach, author, interviewer, and lover of dance.

Nandita Khandelwal, M.Sc. is a multi-faceted individual.  You can see her dance and fitness videos on YouTube and Instagram.  She has a Masters in Geology, teaches French, does interviews, and works as a Health Coach.

She is also the author of four books, including Climate Change – Health Connections, Explore, Songs of Bittersweet Memories, and just published the bibliographical The Dance Effect.

The Dance Effect is a reflection of Nandita’s passion for dance and her love of its artistry.  The book is about three different dance artists from Mumbai, who have garnered international recognition through their Instagram posts, and hard work.  The book takes you on a bibliographical journey of each of the dancers struggles and successes.  Throughout the book are exquisite pictures of the dancers that represent their lives so far.  This is a wonderful, motivational book about real people, that highlights the necessary determination to pursue one’s dreams, no matter the obstacles life has placed before them.

Nandita showcasing her book The Dance Effect