Interviews and Reviews

This page has interviews with individuals in a variety of fields.

There will also be the occasional reviews on books, movies, and more.


Laura Suen, CEO of Fire and Steel (weapons, cosplay, larp, and more…)

Darren Joy “A Viral Imperium” (novel)

Blacksmith Two Smiths with Sandra Dunn

Bill Ashwell “Dark Sanctuary” (play)

Bob Godglick, Considerate Done: Vintage Clock Repair

Yvonne Haug, Giant Garden Plants

Randy Bugdale’s “Art of Drawing Queen of Caelum” for the Children of the Myth Machine series

Book Reviews:

John Holland’s “Heartland”

Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land”

Chris Hadfield’s “An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth”

Cixin Lui’s “The Three-Body Problem”

Cixin Lui’s “Death’s End”

Anthony B. Carey’s “The Pain-Free Program”

Irmgard A. Hunt “On Hitler’s Mountain”

Recommended Websites:

Shayleene MacReynolds “WildheartofLife”

The Amateur’s Quill

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