I’ll See What I Can Do [Part 8]

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(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

The Inventor wears an inconspicuous midnight blue cardigan poncho cape cloak with the hood pulled up.  It’s twilight and the Krystal Jewellery Store is about to close.  A song by Unwoman is playing within.  The Inventor watches as the last customer departs, before slipping inside.

The store is full of glass shelves with a variety of jewellery set quaintly on silk cloths of different colours.  Throughout the store shine kaleidoscopic prisms.

“I wouldn’t have recognized you,” a lively, young woman, with dark brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes, says to The Inventor, “other than your left hand is where your right should be.  You are the only person I know of who has two left hands.”

The Inventor hisses.  It’s the only other part, other than the heart, of The Inventor’s twin that The Inventor still has.  “Lady Raven Elsewhere, I need to speak with the witch,” The Inventor says in a raspy voice.  Someday, someday The Inventor will make a better voice box.

Lady Raven Elsewhere continues to lock up the glass counters as she glances back at The Inventor.  “She prefers, sorceress.”

“Vampiress, witch, sorceress, elder….”  The Inventor lingers on the last word.

“She definitely does not like to be called elder,” Lady Elsewhere says, correctively.

The Inventor sees a darkness flicker across the enchanting eyes of Lady Elsewhere.  They’re all witches, succubus’s, sorceresses, perhaps elders, or something else, not to be trifled with.  “The vile Maine Coon, Mr. TLC, hindered my Bookstealer.  Now the police have it.”

“Lucky you told Lady Iris of what you intended to do.”  With a sweet smile, Lady Elsewhere combs back her hair.

The Inventor sees a skeleton earring with an amethyst stone hanging from her left earlobe.

“You invented the Bookstealer?” she asks.

“Yes,” The Inventor replies, wondering what the cost will be this time.

“Just a piece of skin and a tiny vial of blood,” she tells him.

*** One of the goals for these writing experiments is to include makers, and models of Steampunk.  Ben Lanzenstein of Switzerland creates Steampunk vehicles, weapons, and more.  I will be posting a short interview with Ben in very near future.  Meanwhile, you can see his work at:  ben_lanzenstein


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