Blog Six: An Unwelcome Invitation

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The Other Place

(a semi-musical Steampunk Goth hybrid story)

Blog Six:  An Unwelcome Invitation

Between the street buildings he sees two gentlemen treading in the air.  The soles of their brown Edwin Clapp shoes are the height of a nearby streetlight.  One man wears a stormy grey overcoat and dark violet vest that matches the colour of his trousers.  The other has on a sea green overcoat with matching trousers.  His vest is pine with intricate gold designs.  Both men are wearing dark purple bowler hats.  As they talk, he sees the tips of their very long canines sparkle.  They glance around the street as they animatedly discuss something he can’t hear.

He steps back as he sees them dive towards him.

“Well friend,” The man in the sea green overcoat says up to him with a charming lisp, “You’ve been invited to a party.

The harp sound in his head instantly stops.  Up ahead a bourbon-coloured shop door opens.  A beautiful young woman with pink hair and a pixie face glances his way.  She puts a finger to her lips and disappears back inside.

“You seem to be missing your head and hands, friend,” the man in the stormy grey overcoat says up to him in a much deeper voice as he links arms.  As the man pulls him forward the man inhales deeply through an aristocratic nose.  “I smell frankincense.  That’s rich.  What we can see of you doesn’t suggest your that well off.”

“Where are you taking me?” he asks with an intentional growl to his voice.

“And although we can’t see anything there, there surely is a mouth,” the man in the sea green overcoat says with much mockery.

“There’s a party for the hierarchy here, at our very own Lady Thelma Mlde’s mansion,” replies the man in the stormy grey overcoat.  “And she’s specifically insisted on your presence.”

From the side of the man wearing the sea green overcoat, he feels a painful pinprick near his ribs.

Instantly he sees an image behind dissipating fog.  A now familiar woman, with a chest covered in blood, holds a silver mirror as she stands on a walkway to a castle.  As she turns the mirror, he sees in its glass, himself between the two much shorter men.

Picture of Countess Thelma Mlde portrayed and taken by Leah Weir – background picture of Castle Ward taken by Leah Weir.

Honourable Mention:

Maggie Boone

This is a clip of her singing live Taylor Swift’s All Too Well

Currently she’s doing a kickstart for her debut LP: Delaware Street

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