Interview with Steampunk inventor, and soon to be author, Ben Lanzenstein

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One of my goals in writing the weekly steampunk hybrid blog/story “Books by Authors Who Never Existed” is to add links to Steampunk fans. Ben Lanzenstein from Switzerland creates Steampunk objects, lamps and more. He is also working on a steampunk story. Below is a short interview with Ben.
His Instagram page is:   ben_lanzenstein

What sparked your interest in steampunk?

My eyes were opened to the fact that steampunk is my outlet to bring my inner world to the outside world. In steampunk, everything is possible and everything is allowed. There are no limits. Time is non-existent in steampunk, but nevertheless time plays an important role in this theme. People have their own world turned upside down and new connections are created in their brains. So to speak, their gears connect in their minds and are reawakened. This is important in today’s world where we are shaped with a dull and superficial education. The world forgets what is really possible through its consumption. We can draw our full potential in steampunk and find more of our own truth. Racism also no longer finds a place when we begin to understand ourselves and other characters again. As I said, steampunk allows me to experience myself and to animate my true character.

When did you start designing and creating steampunk vehicles and lamps?

4 years ago, when a precious friend opened my eyes to it.

Are these for sale?

The objects come from my personal history. What is the point of selling them? Maybe to a special person who understands this world and is sensitive to these stories.

Can you tell us something about the steampunk novel you are currently working on?

It is an adventure novel. I am taking people on my personal journey and into a world that is new to them. It will be an unforgettable journey for everyone, and they will come out of it different than they went in. Whether the eyes and their spirit will see it depends on the openness of the person. For me, the story is particularly precious. But what is a treasure worth if you can’t share it. That is why I will publish it.

Will the steampunk vehicles and devices you design feature in the story?

Yes… not everything but some will have a special meaning in the story. First, I had to create something on the outside to activate the inside. And then came the word and the word is creation in pure essence. This is how my story comes into being…

Are there any steampunk authors or links you would like to recommend?

At the moment I’m not inspired by any authors. I want to bring the world out of me without distorting the image. But inspiration for me is also the world when I travel. Every place tells you a story if you are open to it. I am fascinated by people from all cultures. We are all human beings. Everyone is the author of their own life, but only very few have woken up to understand this. I wish every human being this insight. There is a fascinating world behind everything, which should be discovered…

Thank you for sharing your story Ben!

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