Did You Know, Mr. Intrepid?  [Part 16]

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(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

Did You Know, Mr. Intrepid?  [Part 16]

(Books by Authors Who Never Existed:  A Steampunk Hybrid story)

By the author of BARD: Owner of the Gemstone

As they step onto Nigel Street, he glances at the cane with the dragon handgrip.  A time, from many years ago, replays in his mind. 

Mr. Claws, and Ulysses, had brought back, mysterious gravity crystals. from one of their far north adventures.  Mr. Claws had allowed the Museum of Physics to put some of the crystals on display.  However, on a cloudy night, someone, or something, had broken into the museum, and stolen the crystals.  Chief Shabuni was called in by the Yard, to help investigate.  The Yard believed the thief had arrived by steam train from Londonera.

It was twilight, in late spring, in Scotlandterra, when the Chief saw a person with a top hat and wearing a gray Londonera Fog, trench coat talking to someone else.  The collars of the Londonera Fog were up, so he couldn’t see the person’s face.  Another individual, with the curves of a woman, was holding a pink crystal, the size of a small scrying ball, in her hands.  She wore a tight, black bodysuit, black corset, and midnight blue calve high army boots.  A black cape covered her shoulders.  With the collar up, he couldn’t see much of her face, only the tinted, brass goggles she wore under her bowler hat.

When he saw that the crystal hovered above the woman’s hand, he charged towards the two.  The person in the trench coat blew on the crystal as he pulled out a double barrel gun.  After the crystal landed on the woman’s hand, she shoved it between her bosom, while drawing a black straw from a pocket in her corset.

After that, everything became hazy.  He remembers touching his neck.  Feeling the feather of a dart.  He fell sideways onto the ground, staring along a street full of terra cotta, coloured buildings.  His eyesight cleared but he couldn’t move.  He heard the rapid steps, before he saw a determined man, with a cane, walking by.  The man was wearing a top hat with a ring of copper wire that held up miniature gears, and a silver music note charm, with a skull at the top.  The man turned in his direction, and he immediately recognized him. 

“Here, take this, before they catch me,” the man said gruffly, to someone he couldn’t see.  That’s when he noticed the skeleton key, without a gemstone, at the front of the man’s top hat.  The voice, and tiny, tinted glasses told him, exactly who this was.

“Did you ever meet a man named Mr. Intrepid?” he dared to ask.

“Of course,” Lady Oolong replied.  “He was my father.”


Taylor Norris, RMT (Lady Evelyn Oolong): taynorris@gmail.com

My Jolly Sailor Bold—Mermaid performed by @_melegie

Perched Drake Cane by FireandSteel.ca

I just saw a fantastic steampunk post by @Hannah_redfoxcloset with art by @creadoresasueldo

One of the goals for these writing experiments is to include makers, and models of Steampunk.  Ben Lanzenstein of Switzerland creates Steampunk vehicles, weapons, and more.  I will be posting a short interview with Ben in very near future.  Meanwhile, you can see his work at:  ben_lanzenstein


Joanne Gosling (as Lady Marina Steamsail):  Jgosling@calclosets.com

Fireandsteel.ca Dragonrider Folding Knife

GRACEART Unisex Steampunk Top Hat with Goggles

Alivila.Y Fashion: Women’s Faux Leather Steampunk Corset Victorian Bustier Top

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