Honour the Belt: Mamacita #1

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Honour The Belt

By the author of BARD:  Owner of the Gemstone

*This is a fictitious story and homage to professional wrestling

He still professionally wrestles occasionally but his goals have changed over the last two years.  Part of the plan is to recruit exciting talent.  That’s why he’s peeking through the stage curtains of a local school, in full facial makeup.  A ring is already setup in the centre of the gymnasium.  He and his co-producers didn’t have the $10,000 to $20,000 needed to buy their own ring, so they rented one for $800.00.  It’s $15 a head, and so far, the pre-sales equal thirty fans.  He has guaranteed each wrestler $50 and $10 for each of the five back-up wrestlers/security.  That means $400 for the wrestlers, and $50 for the backups.  $1250 owed minus $450 in current ticket sales.  He takes in a deep breath and lets out a long sigh.  Its lucky professional wrestling is his passion and hobby.  Maybe more fans will show up at the door. 

“Source,” he hears a boisterous voice call near the ring. 

He glances down and sees a tall, burly man with thick forearms covered in hair, pointing towards the double door entrance.  The Electrician is already wearing grey coveralls with his head covered in a silver mask with yellow lightning bolts.

Walking through the entranceway is the professional wrestler he’s most interested in.  Curvaceous comes to mind.  If he was being rude, he’d say her breasts were big enough to keep ten people afloat, and her hips wide enough to carry five toddlers a side.  But he’s heard too many stories about her to think she is out of shape.  She doesn’t walk towards the ring; she prowls up to it.  His eyes widen in respect as she grabs the lowest rope and leaps the four feet to the apron. 

He hurries down the steps towards the ring.  As he gets closer, he sees her glance at him.  Her face is painted with a green bar on the right side, a white one in the centre, and a red one on the left side.  He halts as she saunters across the ring floor.  She brushes her thick black mane of hair back and pauses for effect.  She presses her body against the ropes and snarls at him.  Before he can react, she grabs at him through the ropes.  She keeps her hands in the shape of claws to highlight her long, sharp fingernails.  He realizes it’s a show.  On her thumbnails are slithering snakes, and on each of her fingernails in clear, gold lettering, are single letters that spell out: MAMACITA. 

Thanks to:

Mamacita nails by Miss Kay:  https://www.instagram.com/1_gem_in_i/

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