Strengthen Core and Keep Aligned to Help with Gardening and Yard Work

Strengthen Core and Keep Aligned to Help with Gardening and Yard Work

Bending over Gardening and Yard Work, especially for hours, can irritate the lower back.  This is mini video should help stop and alleviate that along with too much computer work.

The whole idea of this is to strengthen up your core and help keep your spine in alignment.

Most of the reps are 3 to 5.  The goal isn’t to get a great workout but to feel good and loosen up.

This is generic so only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Featured picture by Taylor Norris


Chest and Back exercises using Door Jambs and Broom Handle

Only do the position that you feel you can handle.  Make sure your surrounding area is safe.  Have cushioning under your knees when doing the push-up exercises and behind you when doing the back exercises.

Reps can be between 5 and 20 (a rep is one complete movement)

Sets can be 1 to 3 (a set is a number of reps)

Progression can be a change in body position and the number of sets and reps.

Make sure you’re breathing!


Usually there’s at least three people involved so I’m still working on lighting, etc.


Keep Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Sane!



Mini Upper Body Workout for Anywhere! (also Soupcan Workout) by Dan Watt, Pt and Writer

My original intention was to have two or more websites.  One for writing, interviewing, guest writers, artist, models etc., and promoting my books.  The other one, with my co-blogger Taylor Norris, RMT, for exercise instruction with a tinge of humour when possible.  However, I can only download videos on Caedar-writing-artwork and put the link to the video on Twhealthhumor.

The mini workouts are meant to be instructional.  I suggest you don’t go to failure while doing the exercises.  Focus more on the techniques for breathing, posture, and movement.  The quality isn’t quite where I would like it.  Because of the isolation I’m director, cinematographer, instructor, and editor.  As soon as possible for you and me there will be someone else behind the camera and/or in front of it.

No Taylor in this video, nor my niece Andraya behind the camera, or any of our other friends.  But that will change in the near future!

Keep Safe!

Click HD to get a clearer picture:

The video was made with a Nikon D7100 and Nikon mic.