Caedar Writing & Artwork at Kitchener Comic Con 2018

Great thanks to the Staff of Kichener Comic Con 2018!!!

Personal Thanks to the following Amazing People for helping out at our booth Caedar Writing & Artwork!!!


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Brother Andy Watt and co-author of Brackish; My niece Andraya Watt and one of my adopted nieces Katy for helping us set up and watching the table; Taylor N. and Joanne G. for modeling and all their support; Peter, Rowena, and Ja’Dace Samuel for wearing the Dragon t-shirts for the story Peter helped edit; our mother Helen for her constant enthusiasm, Judith Booth for editing numerous of the books and amazing promotions; my goddaughter Jessica and her friend for all their support; and Kait and Jinny of for keeping us company the entire day.

Big Thanks to R&S Screen, Inc.  for making the t-shirts

and Bob Posters & Signs    for making the banners and post cards



Kait and Jinny of:

Handmade Jewellery

William Byrne

William Byrne

Comic book Writer and Illustrator

Ryan Toxopeus A Nbles Quest ryan

Ryan Toxopeus

Author of the Noble Quest series and games

Larua Suen Tel 416 435 9150

Laura Suen

Fire & Steel

Tel:  416-435-9150


Kyle Barnett

TriCity Studio

I hope you can read it off the poster


Dave Warren


Dave’s Comics & Collectibles

Tel:  (519) 636-4173


Assad Z. Quraishi

GENESIS game creator


Eggsflorentine instagram


Some Fun Pics


Self-Publishing: Going to Comic Con

Self-publishing: Table at Comic Con

Pre Set-up for Kitchener Comic Con April 2nd 2016

My brother Andy suggested we do a pre-set up.

T-shirts on racks; posters by Ian G.; posters in frames; and books with business cards in front.

Hidden is a price list, calculator, and cash box.


This was not only the first time with a table at Comic Con but my first time ever going to a Comic Con, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

2016 Kitchener Comic Con table

Our table:

This my stressed out look because I have no idea what’s going to happen now that we’re here.

I have to say the other vendors were very helpful and I learned a great deal from their displays.

Penney's Steampunk General Store
Handmade jewelry. Penney’s Steampunk General Store

This couple makes jewelry.

Underworld Larp PR@LARP.CA
Live Adventure with Underworld LARP

This group does live D&D weekends.

Knightmares & Daydreams
People loved this stand. Knightmares & Daydreams

Knightmares and Daydreams

This couple were our neighbors and very friendly and very busy for most of the day.

We didn’t make a lot of money but we had a great time meeting people and other vendors.  What we did learn was, most people who go to Comic Con want to buy books or comics of pre-established companies, such as, Marvel and DC.  They want to be able to dress up like the characters they read about.  Finally, we should have dressed up like the characters.

A table for 2 is more expensive (it was $100 for Kitchener Comic Con this year) but I would recommend you get a table for 2.  When it’s slow you have someone to talk to and you have someone to watch the table if you need to use the facilities or take a lunch break.

Next Up!  Writing a story for Young Adults:  Healing The Temple Of The Soul

Self-Publishing: Comic Con: T-shirts

Self-Publishing: Comic Con: T-shirts            September 21, 2016


Kitchener Comic Con was April 2nd of this year.  It was around February when I decided to get a table.  Not a lot of time to design and order books, business cards, and T-shirts.


The more colours, the higher the cost; so I went with two colours for each T-shirt.  Ruby is black and red (on a white T-shirt) and Sylvia is black and green (on a white T-shirt).  I focused more on the artwork and less on the sayings.

Leah Weir wearing both Ruby and Sylvia from the Children of the Myth Machine T-shirts

My helpers Andraya and Kaitlyn between a girl who lets you sign your name on her arm. The girls wouldn’t tell me who the girl was, said I wouldn’t understand.

My helpers Andraya and Kaitlyn wearing T-shirts with mysterious girl.


Taylor Norris, RMT and me wearing the T-shirts for our Health and Exercise Blog

Most people felt comfortable wearing the Sylvia T-shirts.


I went with 4imprint for the Sylvia T-shirts and R&S Screening Inc. for the Ruby T-shirts.  Both these companies were great.  They asked for a download of the art and lettering and e-mailed me a copy to make sure it was correct.  PDF is generally accepted and the more pixels the better.


Some things to consider is:  who will wear the T-shirts; is it the artwork or the logo and sayings that should be dominant; what are the preferred colours?  What sizes are the most common and should they be generic or male and female and do you want T-shirts, polo-shirts, etc. printed.


Get a few T-shirts made if you can or print them yourself before doing it en masse.  I had very little time to prepare; take your time to figure out what will sell.


Next Blog: what else you’ll need

Comic Con, Kitchener: Posters

September 19, 2016

If you are using artwork, the larger the reproduction the greater chance for graininess.  A graphic artist can only do so much.

20×66” or 51×66 cm Poster             5.5×8.5” or 14×21.5 cm Book Cover

I was very lucky to have the posters done by Ian G.  They’re photographs so the actual posters are brighter than what you see.

These pictures are from pre-display set-up (another Blog).  The posters giver you a better idea of how they actually look.

What we found was that Ruby, when blown up past a certain point, looked grainy.  Sylvia, because Randy (the artist) drew mostly her head on 11×14” (28×35.5 cm) paper whereas in Ruby, on the same size sheet, he drew the Queen’s entire body with background.

Ian made a number of samples and sizes.  My brother Andy, put them up on a wall and asked people to say what they liked, based on first impression.

We also made 8.5×11” (21.5×28 cm) posters in both colour and black and white for Sylvia and Ruby with just colour.

Next Blog is designing T-shirts and getting them printed this coming Saturday…