Comic Con, Kitchener:  Posters

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September 19, 2016

If you are using artwork, the larger the reproduction the greater chance for graininess.  A graphic artist can only do so much.

20×66” or 51×66 cm Poster             5.5×8.5” or 14×21.5 cm Book Cover

I was very lucky to have the posters done by Ian G.  They’re photographs so the actual posters are brighter than what you see.

These pictures are from pre-display set-up (another Blog).  The posters giver you a better idea of how they actually look.

What we found was that Ruby, when blown up past a certain point, looked grainy.  Sylvia, because Randy (the artist) drew mostly her head on 11×14” (28×35.5 cm) paper whereas in Ruby, on the same size sheet, he drew the Queen’s entire body with background.

Ian made a number of samples and sizes.  My brother Andy, put them up on a wall and asked people to say what they liked, based on first impression.

We also made 8.5×11” (21.5×28 cm) posters in both colour and black and white for Sylvia and Ruby with just colour.

Next Blog is designing T-shirts and getting them printed this coming Saturday…

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