Asking Someone to Model for the Artwork on Your Cover

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September 17, 2016


Asking Someone to Model for the Artwork on Your Cover


Somewhere on the Internet there are people willing to let you use their image for artwork.  If you find these websites remember life is about reciprocity.  Give them credit and pay them.

I asked friends to model.  The reason is you can bring them along for the ride.  Sam Nichols didn’t just model for Sylvia from the Children of the Myth Machine series, she also came to Kitchener Comic Con (that will be its own Blog).

Caedar Writing and Artwork

I offer a token amount of money to everyone I ask to model, and include their contact information.

The person I’m asking to model has the essence and fits the physical characteristics of the character in the book.

Be specific with the model.  “Here is the still action pose I am looking for in the picture.”  Short sleeve, shorts, pants, sandals, shoes, belly is showing/ isn’t.  Artists will add or subtract clothing and items.  It’s the pose and facial features that are most important for the picture, not necessarily the exact costume or lighting.

Still action draws people in.  When you look at a movie poster it’s a snapshot of something happening.  Ask someone to model who will put passion into their posing for the camera.  The better you explain the scene the easier it is for them to pose.

Taylor Norris portraying the AI transpecies, Whispers, in a future science fiction book called Brackish.


Taylor Norris as Whispers (for a story in progress).  Taylor owns the rights to this picture and it may not be reproduced without her explicit permission.


Taylor did more than twenty poses until we decided on this one.  The lighting is poor and the background doesn’t fit the scenario of the world Brackish.  That’s what the artist adds later.

When I asked one individual to model she told me she didn’t feel comfortable modelling nude.  I couldn’t remember ever asking her to pose nude for the photo that the artist would use.

Some artists prefer their models nude.  People draw nudes in art classes.  The backlash from asking someone to pose nude is you just sent up a red alert.  Why do I need to be nude?  And that’s a justifiable question.  If they think you have ulterior motives, you just lost trust.

Once someone is photographed nude it may get onto the Internet.  That could cause problems for their career if they are or want to become a civil servant, teacher, police officer and so on.  I mentioned to a woman who told me she posed nude for art classes, that she should make sure there are no cell phones, or other devices that can take pictures.  If the model has done nudes already, and is comfortable with it, that’s between the two of you.


Kitchener Comic Con Experience is the next Blog!

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