Self-Publishing: Comic Con: T-shirts

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Self-Publishing: Comic Con: T-shirts            September 21, 2016


Kitchener Comic Con was April 2nd of this year.  It was around February when I decided to get a table.  Not a lot of time to design and order books, business cards, and T-shirts.


The more colours, the higher the cost; so I went with two colours for each T-shirt.  Ruby is black and red (on a white T-shirt) and Sylvia is black and green (on a white T-shirt).  I focused more on the artwork and less on the sayings.

Leah Weir wearing both Ruby and Sylvia from the Children of the Myth Machine T-shirts

My helpers Andraya and Kaitlyn between a girl who lets you sign your name on her arm. The girls wouldn’t tell me who the girl was, said I wouldn’t understand.

My helpers Andraya and Kaitlyn wearing T-shirts with mysterious girl.


Taylor Norris, RMT and me wearing the T-shirts for our Health and Exercise Blog

Most people felt comfortable wearing the Sylvia T-shirts.


I went with 4imprint for the Sylvia T-shirts and R&S Screening Inc. for the Ruby T-shirts.  Both these companies were great.  They asked for a download of the art and lettering and e-mailed me a copy to make sure it was correct.  PDF is generally accepted and the more pixels the better.


Some things to consider is:  who will wear the T-shirts; is it the artwork or the logo and sayings that should be dominant; what are the preferred colours?  What sizes are the most common and should they be generic or male and female and do you want T-shirts, polo-shirts, etc. printed.


Get a few T-shirts made if you can or print them yourself before doing it en masse.  I had very little time to prepare; take your time to figure out what will sell.


Next Blog: what else you’ll need

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