Caedar Writing & Artwork at Kitchener Comic Con 2018

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Great thanks to the Staff of Kichener Comic Con 2018!!!

Personal Thanks to the following Amazing People for helping out at our booth Caedar Writing & Artwork!!!


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Brother Andy Watt and co-author of Brackish; My niece Andraya Watt and one of my adopted nieces Katy for helping us set up and watching the table; Taylor N. and Joanne G. for modeling and all their support; Peter, Rowena, and Ja’Dace Samuel for wearing the Dragon t-shirts for the story Peter helped edit; our mother Helen for her constant enthusiasm, Judith Booth for editing numerous of the books and amazing promotions; my goddaughter Jessica and her friend for all their support; and Kait and Jinny of for keeping us company the entire day.

Big Thanks to R&S Screen, Inc.  for making the t-shirts

and Bob Posters & Signs    for making the banners and post cards



Kait and Jinny of:

Handmade Jewellery

William Byrne

William Byrne

Comic book Writer and Illustrator

Ryan Toxopeus A Nbles Quest ryan

Ryan Toxopeus

Author of the Noble Quest series and games

Larua Suen Tel 416 435 9150

Laura Suen

Fire & Steel

Tel:  416-435-9150


Kyle Barnett

TriCity Studio

I hope you can read it off the poster


Dave Warren


Dave’s Comics & Collectibles

Tel:  (519) 636-4173


Assad Z. Quraishi

GENESIS game creator


Eggsflorentine instagram


Some Fun Pics


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