Mini Leg Workout for Anywhere! By and PT Dan Watt

Take your time and understand how to do the movements properly.  That’s much more important than just swinging your legs around.  This isn’t meant to burn you but to warm-up the limbs using proper posture.  Only do what you feel you can.  It’s a short workout but it is a workout.  3-8 reps.  Do all the movements than if you’re bursting with energy repeat.  But leave some energy for the rest of the day.

Circling the feet didn’t get on the camera so just do them on your own, slowly, in both directions.

Normally Andraya would be behind the camera and Taylor would be in the front working with me or one of our other friends.  We’ll have to wait awhile before that happens again.  So be patient with the lighting and other video misalignments.

This was filmed with a Nikon D7100 camera.  Audio recorded with a Nikon ME-1 mic.  Edited with filmora9 and converted to MP4 with Wondershare.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Leg Workout for Anywhere! By and PT Dan Watt

  1. Thanks Dan good video and reminders for me. I’m keeping pretty active on the whole
    keep healthy


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