Creating the cover of BARD


A few years ago I saw this amazing cosplayer on Face Book named Nic the Pixie or Nichameleon. I sent her a message asking if she would be willing to model for the cover of my book BARD: Owner Of The Gemstone. Time went by and I figured I would move on but then I got a reply–a Yes! We went back and forth about clothing and scenery. In the meantime, Kait McCord made a better-than-I-could hope-for dragon claw bail attached to a stone that is incredibly similar to the one in the book. There’s more to the story…!

Nic, in her own words:

Cover Model

Nic, also known as Nic the Pixie or Nichameleon, is a 26 year old geek who has a passion for pop culture and cosplay.

She is often found working in her cosplay room in her little house in Brisbane Australia, sewing up a storm, covered in hot glue and sequins. She also enjoys aerial arts and spends a lot of time upside down on her Lyra hoop for fitness and fun.

Thanks to the support of her fans, Nic can work on creating cosplays full time and she is keen to expand her skillset to make bigger and better cosplays as well as continuing to connect with fans through social media and live streaming! — Nic

Nicole can be found through these links:

………. Instagram ………. Twitch ………. Patreon ………. Email

We looked at different cloaks and decided to go with one from Creaturre out of Quebec. Because some delivery companies won’t deliver to a P.O. box I had the cloak sent to my house and then I mailed it to Nic…

After that I just sent her a money equivalent of the dress from Armstreet and anything else she needed to portray the character…

After a few months of discussing ideas for the gemstone, Kait McCord designed the dragon claw bail and found a gemstone almost identical to the one in the book. The gemstone is part of BARD from the beginning to the end. As for its secrets…BARD

BARD: Owner of the Gemstone is an Epic, Dark Fantasy Novel

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