Review of History Channel’s “Curse of Oak Island”

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I haven’t watched much TV over the last twenty years.  Just little snippets of shows on YouTube.  However, in isolation I started watching History Channel’s “Curse of Oak Island”.

Oak Island is part of Nova Scotia and believed to have a buried treasure.  The brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, and Craig Tester along with their crew have been searching for the treasure for several seasons.  I talked to a friend who has watched the reality show for a number of years and said they never find the treasure and that the show just goes on and on.  However, from an archaeological and historical view this is a very important show whether they find the treasure or not.

The treasure they have found, such as a cross, show evidence that that Oak Island has been visited by Europeans for centuries.

They have worked with experts from around the world to date and geographically place the origin of objects they have found.  From this viewers learn about ancient tools, weapons, and jewellery.

The search so far has used a drone do an overhead scan of Oak Island.  Underground mapping using explosives, and drills to dig down in specific areas to look for the “money” pit.  Copper walls have been used so a specific area could be drained of water and an inflatable wall used to drain a swamp.  All of this is done with permits and when necessary a professional geologist and archaeologist.

There is one aspect to the show that is disturbing.  If the treasure was brought there by Freemasons the crew looking for it should walk gingerly.  The Freemason organisation still exists and they may decide what is theirs is theirs.  Very smart of Rick, Marty, and Craig to build a museum for people to see and discovered artifacts.

Personally I enjoy seeing the respect they show towards the others who have searched for the treasure and their inclusiveness of the people on and around Oak Island.


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