This is the third book in the science fiction and fantasy series Children of the Myth Machine.

I wanted to explore what would happen if the distant future if a mad geneticist made a machine that could create living creatures of myth and fantasy, such as dwarves, elves, orcs and others.  As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy from Frank Herbert’s Dune series to Isaac Asimov’s I Robot, to Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park I tried to write something unique yet familiar.

Below is the the prologue to all the Children of Myth Books so far (Queen of Caelum and Sylvia) and an introduction to Achebe.


The Cinn group, one of the most powerful business organisations in the galaxy, wants control of all the Children of the Myth Machines for their company Delve Mining.  Only the draoi ársa stand in their way.  The draoi ársa are intent on destroying all the machines the geneticist Larry Smide built and ending the merciless cloning for the purpose of slavery.

Achebe a member of the draoi ársa is imprisoned on the dead world Sårad Värld.  So far she has refused to tell the Cinn group where the genetic marvel the reliquia viviente is…


Yaa Asantewaa Ollennu stands before the window in her room.  She sees her semi-translucent image staring back at her.  The room is spacious with walls of andesite giving it a cavern appearance.  Beyond the window is a massive courtyard that stretches out before her.  The view is interrupted only where the reflection of her light brown eyes stare back at her.

She runs the fingers of her right hand through the bangs of her long, raven hair to her earrings.  Thrain never thought to remove them when he captured her.  She taps each of the four symbols.  If any of the residence on this tiny planet recognize the positioning of the symbols she hopes they will send a message to the draoi ársa.

The book is now available an eBook and as a paperback from Amazon Books.

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