The Race Series: What Is The Opposite Of Generational Trauma?

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There’s a conversation going around these days about the generational traumas we inherit from previous generations and pass on to our descendants. I’d say it’s an attempt to justify all the inexplicable patterns that crop up in families -regardless of whether or not the people who constitute that family know better. The patterns may be in illnesses that are common in that clan, or behavioural hiccups that cause much pain and discord amongst those family members. The patterns are in mindsets that keep people from progressing in different kinds of relationships or in their finances.

In other words, generational traumas are seemingly unbeatable curses which uncommon individuals in the family are then tasked to break in their lifetime. It’s all quite legendary, makes for a good story if you are able to cast yourself as The One who will fight those battles for your loved ones -wage the ‘war to…

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