Posture and Exercise for the Very Buxom Individual

Exercise and posture for very buxom individuals.

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Posture and Exercise for the Very Buxom Individual

By Dan Watt, Level 2 ACE certified Trainer

A while ago my friend Jazzmine Pristine wrote an excellent article on sports bras called: Supporting the Ladies – A Guide to Women’s Sports bras By guest blogger Jazzmine Pristine.

This article could be called Part 2. The focus of this article is the proper posture and exercise methods for someone who is very buxom.

Over the years I would occasionally get a naturally (as far as I could tell) very buxom client.

I’ll define very buxom as needing to wear a bra size E and larger.

Mastitis and breast implants are a different story. Mastitis is an inflammation and medical. Breast implants are complicated because they can be for professional, self-esteem, or medical reasons. We’re just going to discuss exercise for naturally very buxom individuals.

Confident individuals will go to fitness centres, whereas…

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