Book Review of Cixin Lui’s “Death’s End”

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Book Review of Cixin Lui’s “Death’s End” (translated by Ken Liu), the third book in the Three Body Problem.

* In Chinese the surname is placed first

Cixin Lui has written the next evolution in Science Fiction.  Whereas Star Trek asks how will we react to certain circumstances, Cixin Lui suggests what could happen.

How Cixin Lui was able to combine known physics with theoretical physics and display it on a universal scale, is mind boggling.  For those of us who grew up in the Western Hemisphere, he also introduces Eastern history and philosophy.  Furthermore, he combines all of this by including individuals throughout the Earth’s history, bringing us all together.

The creators of Game of Thrones are now going to turn Cixin Lui’s book into a Netflix’s series.

I will try to say this in a vague way that only those who have read the series will grasp.  If I could ask Cixin Lui directly, my questions for him would be:

Why destroy landscape if it’s limited?

What happens when two dimensions meets four dimensions?

The Three Body Problem is a fascinating and important series.

I highly recommend it.


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