The Lebert Fitness Buddy System By Theresa Coon

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The Lebert Fitness Buddy System By Theresa Coon

The Buddy System by Theresa Coon with Taylor Norris (model), Dan Watt (writer), and Andraya Watt (photographer and video) ©

This was quite the adventure.  Canadian goose everywhere along with their droppings.  But Victoria Park, Kitchener, Ontario is a scenic place.  We did this right by the Boat House.

Theresa explains that as one person increases their core strength by holding the one end of the Lebert Fitness Buddy System © while the other does dynamic movements.  Like pulling or hopping!

Something new and fun to try:  remember to breathe!  And remember to listen to your body!

Taylor is a twhealthhumor .com co-blogger and  massage therapist:  (copy and paste on Google)

Theresa is a fitness instructor and co-author of the Children’s book:  You Are A Treasure,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch  (copy and paste on Google)

Book Launch Party

Dan Watt is a Personal Fitness Instructor and author of…

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