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2020 Kitchener Comic Con

Met some old friends and made some new contacts.  We decided not to have a table this year in preparation for next year but my brother Andrew and I were able to check out a number of the other vendors.

Chris McLetchie and Kim Madore of Jaide (Security) were working security for the event and helping people find different venues.

Chris McLetchie and Kim Madore from Jaide Security
Chris McLetchie and Kim Madore from Jaide Security

Chris is pointing at all the promoters for Kitchener Comic Con.

Jaide Security jaideservices@gmail.com
Chris can be reached directly at: 519-635-6290 Kim at: 226-972-7458

Jennifer Messman was not there when I took this picture.  These are two of her friends

Jennifer Messman @indiglogirl cropped
Jennifer Messman @indiglogirl (Instagram) The Art of Jennifer Messman (Facebook) messman_i@icloud.com

William Byre has been at every Kitchener Comic Con.

William Byrne wbyrne@live.ca
William Byrne creator of Max Burger and The North Shield wbyrne@live.ca

Pop Fiction has drawings and magnets for sale but are also getting into the movie business.

Cosplay Girls for Pop Fiction
These cosplayers didn’t have any cards but they did know the owner of Pop Fiction.
Pop Fiction
Pop Fiction’s contact info

Fire and Steel with Laura Suen and friends was at the event but they were so busy and crowded I didn’t try to take a picture.  This is from the 2018 Kitchener Comic Con.  Fire and Steel also makes their own weapons.

Laura Suen Tel 416 435 9150 fireandsteelonline@gmail.com
Laura Suen Tel 416 435 9150 fireandsteelonline@gmail.com

I saw this little guy and asked his mother if I could take a picture.  She told me he’s obsessed with the Hulk.

Growing Hulk
Growing Hulk!

Great event and looking forward to next year!

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