The North Shield: A City Under Siege by William Byrne (Guest writer) and Marvin Law (artist)

This is the Intro to a friend’s Superhero story.  Check out his links at the bottom!


Thought they killed him, but they were wrong… .Rising from the ashes to be found by a secret government agency under the streets of Toronto, struggling to understand and cope with his newfound abilities.

He will be trained by a battle scarred World War Two French Canadian superhero spy and armed with an alien battle suit.

He will claim back his new home from the dark tyranny that threatens to destroy the city.

He will become the hero the city, the country and the world needs!!


Canada will be celebrating its 150th in 2017 and what a better way to introduce a truly new  Canadian Superhero then on its birthday on July 1st!!!


You can contact William directly at:

Check out the link’s below to find out more about The North Shield (just cut and paste on Google, etc.):


Interview with Bill in the 90’s about his Max Burger P.I.


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