Chrysalids words and music by Dan Watt. Performed by Dave Flitton (singer) and Dan Watt (player)

More than 20 years ago I read John Wyndam’s Chrysalids and was engrossed by the story’s content.  I wrote a song and composed music on the piano based on Chrysalids.  Later I asked my friend and musician Dave Flitton if he would sing it.  This is the first time I ever played a piano while someone else sang.  It took us 7 hours to get the track you’re hearing down.  Each take we did Dave would embellish it.  He also let me play his M1 Synthesizer and made it sound much better than what I could get on the piano.

The song needs work.  It’s also too long.  The reason I’ve included it is because it gives a great perspective on why composer, writers, singers, musicians, and bands take so long to create a single original song.

This song is copyrighted but if you want to take a shot at making it better and performing it contact me at


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