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Why is this on here?  Because I’m also involved with ( and I’m hoping in the near future Alyssa will model for caedar-writing-artwork.

At we like to promote people we have seen grow as individuals.  Alyssa has learned from others, from her own unwavering work ethics, and by teaching.  She is part of a select few who can help you with general nutrition and exercise, to helping you become a better athlete and competitor.  As a former Varsity Women’s Soccer player at Wilfrid Laurier University, and as a current IFBB Pro, she knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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AlyssaFIT, powered by TNTSonline

AlyssaFIT, powered by TNTSonline, is dedicated to creating a Custom Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle Program based on individual needs, wants and goals!

We don’t recycle training or nutrition programs, as we believe that each person signing on with us, no matter what goal, has very unique and different goals!

I will put forth an immense effort to Motivate, Teach, Inspire and hopefully instill the importance of passing on valuable knowledge to those looking to become Happy, Health and Successful!

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Alyssa has been an athlete her whole life, playing competitive soccer and other sports recreationally. The height of her soccer career was playing for Wilfrid Laurier University’s Women’s Varsity team.

After her soccer career ended with Laurier, Alyssa wondered what she was going to do. Still competitively driven, she decided to start bodybuilding after going to watch an amateur show.

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