Writing has been in my blood from day one.  I was lucky enough to join the Cambridge Writer’s Collective years ago and it taught me a great deal about the value of constructive criticism.  A BA majoring in Anthropology and History from Wilfrid Laurier University didn’t help get me a job in either field but it did make me think about the infrastructure of Earth and the possible outcomes of populating other planets.  I am also a Level 2 Ace Fitness Trainer.  That helped me with writing details concerning fitness and health and interacting with people.  Over the years I have self published a number of e-books, currently on Kobo.com.  Ruby Queen and Sylvia so far from the Children of the Myth Machine; Apple Eye The Pirate!  (a play) and the young adult story:  Healing the Temple of the Soul.  On Amazon (www.amazon.ca) you can find Lucy And The Snivel Chair and Learning The Garden Of The Body.

If you just want to read, Enjoy!  If you’re a budding writer, advice can go both ways.  Don’t force the story, let what’s inside the soapstone of your mind show you what’s already inside.


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