Writing has been in my blood from day one.  I was lucky enough to join the Cambridge Writer’s Collective years ago and it taught me a great deal about the value of constructive criticism.  A BA majoring in Anthropology and History from Wilfrid Laurier University didn’t help get me a job in either field but it did make me think about the infrastructure of the Earth and the possible outcomes of populating other planets.  I am also a Level Two Ace Fitness Trainer.  That helps me with writing details concerning fitness and health and interacting with people.  I have self published a number of e-books and paperbacks on Amazon.com: Brackish (sci-fi); Queen of Caelum, Sylvia, and Achebe from the Children of the Myth Machine series (sci-fi/fantasy); Lucy And The Snivel Chair (sci-fi/sleuth); Dragon: The Emerald of Light (medieval spoof) and Healing the Temple of the Soul (youth to young adult book about identity).

If you just want to read, Enjoy!  If you’re a budding writer, advice can go both ways.  Don’t force the story, let what’s inside the soapstone of your mind show you what’s already inside.