Book Review of BARD by Darren Joy

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BARD: Owner of the Gemstone is an Epic, Dark Fantasy Novel

Four stars.
BARD is a dark fantasy tale of a young man’s quest to return a gemstone
to a girl he saved from ghouls. Along the way, as Bran studies to become
a bard, he encounters terrible dangers as he enters the land of the
immortal emperor. With war looming, Bran attempts to return the
gemstone, while trying to become a Bard Master.
Along the way, he both discovers and loses friends, encounters all
manner of odd creatures, dark magics, and is forced to confront both his
own bias and fears. All the while, he never gives up on his search for
the girl who has stolen his heart.
Dan Watt’s novel is a fantasy tale with a raw dark fairy-tale feel to
it, which I very much enjoyed, and it contains some beautiful lyrical
interludes. After all, it is the story of a bard. It is told in the
present tense, which gives the story a sense of imminence, and which I
found captivating. I was reading David Gemmell, but set it aside once
BARD got hold of me. This is a unique world filled with a plethora of
fantastical and wonderful characters from demons to elves, dwarves,
goblins and orcs, warlocks, and dark experiments gone very wrong.
Throughout it all, is the ever-looming presence of an immortal and
insane emperor, and perhaps some secrets, which are best left
A very enjoyable read, which I highly recommend.

By Darren Joy, author of A Viral Imperium and A Malignant Fetch from his Plagueborn series

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