Book Review of Nandita Khandelwal’s “Climate Change – Health Connection”

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By Dan Watt

Available as an ebook on Amazon

Nandita Khandelwal’s “Climate Change – Health Connection” explains everything you want to know about climate change and how it affects Earth’s: water, land, and every species.  She also explains how it affects our overall health and the nutrition value of our foods.

“Climate Change – Health Connection” is an enjoyable and thought provoking read.  At the end of each chapter Khandelwal asks questions that encourage all of us to make a difference.   This is the perfect book for the general public, and as an educational resource for schools, from junior high, to college and university.

Khandelwal writes in understandable language, backed up by scientific research. The structure of the book, and its chapters, are a great template for further books on climate change, and for other environmental subjects.

This is a positive book.  Khandelwal explains what climate change is, how it affects every aspect of our life, and offers suggestions on what we can do to alleviate the situation.  She encourages us to work with the government as well as special interest groups.

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Nandita Khandelwal has a Master’s degree in Geology from Rajasthan University, and is a certified Nutritionist through ISSA.

Nandita can be reached at:


YouTube channel:  Nandita Khandelwal

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